The Most Iconic London Fashion Week Comebacks

Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events in the UK and the US. Top beauties from across the world model notorious fashion brands, socialites congregate over food and drink, the rich and famous can be spotted across town and the wealthy buy new items kitted for their winter, spring or summer wardrobes. It is truly an event to behold, unfortunately, there has been a recent trend with shows being cancelled, devastating models and organisers. However, the show’s popularity hasn’t died down, if anything, Fashion Week has grown in popularity and there have been some impressive iconic London Fashion Week comebacks. Here’s what you missed out on last season. Judging by the following comebacks, it’s safe to assume 2019 will hold some impressive surprises…

Kendall Jenner

The beautiful Victoria’s Secret model took to the runway in the Burberry spring and summer range for 2019 in the year 2018. Kendall was notably absent from most of the Fashion Week’s festivities due to her apparent anxiety issues. However, when she walked down the runway, she oozed confidence and did the brand justice, making a noticeable comeback and leaving spectators to wonder if she will return with the same confidence as she had in 2018.

Sarah Burton – Alexander McQueen brand

The Alexander McQueen brand almost had a funeral the brand was so dead. But 14 years later the brand has been resurrected and making international headlines. Sarah Burton is a notorious British designer and has yet again stunned the audience with her latest clothing range. The flowing embroidered dresses and striking winter jackets set the Alexander McQueen brand apart from the rest. 2019 should be another exceptional year for the fashion designer, and another event for Fashion Week fans to look forward to.

Sophie Dahl

Notorious London runway model, Sophie Dahl, tied the knot and it seemed she put her modelling career into the boot of the ‘Just Married’ limo. That was until her comeback in 2015. The runway model has been a representative of brands including Versace, Alexander McQueen and numerous other fashion giants in the industry.

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