The Four Most Common Mistakes When Furnishing a Kitchen

Everyone dreams of a beautiful kitchen filled with the latest technological gadgets, fresh herbs, and every inch of space utilised to its maximum potential. We know the theory behind what a kitchen is supposed to look like and which essentials it needs, but reality often falls short. It’s easy to overlook something when planning a kitchen on our own, and even the smallest detail can disrupt the final effect. What are the most common kitchen design mistakes?

1. We fear major changes

We usually avoid major alterations like tearing down walls or expanding door and window frames. We rarely tackle bigger projects when renovating and opt for convenience instead, but it all comes at the expense of future functionality. When rebuilding a kitchen, you don’t need to replicate the original layout! Quite the opposite: Think better, brighter, roomier. The important thing is the kitchen suits and serves you well–even if it requires a more extensive renovation.

2. We forget human factors

When we envision our new kitchen, we primarily think of its design without considering the practical side of things. Unlike experienced designers, we don’t see the big picture or respect the much-needed zoning of the kitchen. It’s only once we’re finished that we may find ourselves with little work surface next to the stove, a low-hanging cabinet gets in the way of washing dishes, the corners create “dead space”, we run out of storage, and the kitchen island we stubbornly insisted on makes the kitchen feel too cramped.

3. We look for a kitchen of brochures

Looking for inspiration when choosing a new kitchen is important, of course, so we can’t call this a mistake in the true sense of the word. The problem is when we only follow all the latest trends and don’t consider ourselves and our interior design style. A kitchen should, above all, be unique to us and our needs and requirements. Only then can it become what we actually expect of it: a place where we like to spend our time. It is necessary, though, that it works in harmony with the rest of the interior. If we live in a traditional country home, a modern kitchen will stick out like a sore thumb, and so will a boho kitchen in an otherwise minimalist interior. We are quite fond of bold touches in the interior, but they need to be applied sensibly with consideration for the entire space. So when taking inspiration online or from brochures, don’t forget yourself, your needs or your interior design style.

4. We don’t respect materials and their characteristics

Whether we’re talking flooring, tiles, cabinets or worktops, we can find a plethora of different materials and designs on offer. Flooring can be laminated, tiled or made of wood, cabinets come in matt and gloss finishes and more colour tones than we could imagine, and we don’t need to stick to laminate worktops but find ones made of natural or artificial stone. The possibilities are simply endless. But the differences don’t lie only in appearance. For each material and design, we need to understand its characteristics and consider whether it’s the right fit for our kitchen. One worktop may be prone to scratching, another easily damaged by hot cookware, and yet another might just handle it all. Some cabinets are almost maintenance-free, others you’ll be cleaning fingerprints off of day after day. The list could go on. So look beyond design and consider functionality. It will be worth it.

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