Why you should choose a serviced apartment for your next trip to London

For both tourists and business travellers, London is a popular destination. The cost of accommodation in the capital can be considerable, so it’s worth sparing a thought to some of the alternative options. A hotel room might be your first thought, but serviced apartments offer a great alternative.

Let’s run through a few of the advantages serviced apartments can offer in comparison to hotels.

More space

You’ll tend to get more space in a serviced apartment than you would in a hotel room. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors in the evening, then this might be a big advantage. After all, if you don’t intend to spend a lot of time and money beating the tourist trail, then you’ll want to spend more time indoors anyway. A serviced apartment might allow you to do it without compromising your enjoyment of the trip.

Greater flexibility

The average serviced apartment will come with a few features that a hotel room doesn’t. The most significant of these is the kitchen. With the help of a kitchen, you’ll be able to save substantially on your dining. You might stay in the capital for an entire week, and have the freedom to eat out as little or often as you like.

While you might feel that eating out is a major draw of the capital in general, the fact is that you might not have the time or money to enjoy it for every meal of the day. A serviced apartment will allow you to grab breakfast on the way out and dine in if you want to, and free up a substantial chunk of your budget.

Cost-effective luxury

If you’re taking a group, then a serviced apartment might help to make your travels more economical. This can be especially useful if you’re looking to accommodate a large group, like family, friends or a group of colleagues. You can all stay in a single serviced apartment rather than several hotel rooms. Some serviced apartments have up to 3 bedrooms meaning that you can comfortably sleep 6-8 people if you need to. Once again, this can help to give everyone more spending money with which you can enjoy your trip all the more.


A quality serviced apartment will allow you to sleep soundly knowing that the security arrangements have been taken care of. Fewer people having access to your room means that you’ll be able to store valuables there – especially if there’s a safe too. If you’re bringing valuables or work equipment then this can give you some added peace of mind while you’re out and about.

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