Storage Hacks for Stressed-Out Mums

If the kids’ toys have taken over the living room carpet or you don’t know where all those hair accessories go that you need day-to-day to keep your little ones looking presentable for school, then check out these storage hacks for stressed-out mums.

But first, you’ll need to declutter

Storage hacks work best when they’re used to tidy away the essentials, this means it’s time to take a look at the toys your kids have and get rid of anything they’ve outgrown or no longer need. If you’re planning to have more kids in the future, this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the items entirely. You can designate a space in the loft to keep that rocking horse or dolls house out of the way or for larger items consider hiring out a self-storage unit. These are great for housing those items you don’t need right now, keeping them out of the way in a dry and clean space that you can access in the future. You’ll find storage units up and down the country, offering everything from locker sized spaces to huge 500 sq.ft rooms.

Use an over door hanger for dolls

Those plastic over door hangers for shoes can also double up as excellent storage for dolls and action figures. The clear pockets allow your little ones to see which doll they’re pulling out, instead of needing to rummage in a toy box and make a mess looking for the right one.

Cupcake holder for pots of modelling clay

Do your kids have more pots of modelling clay than they know what to do with? Keep them organised with a cupcake holder, pop the pots in and place on their craft table. Not only does this provide easy access for little hands but it also ensures their modelling clay is neat and tidy.

Pill organisers for hair accessories

Does your little one love to wear their hair in a different style every day and therefore have a huge amount of hair accessories to keep neat? Invest in a pill organiser, offering up seven perfect sized slots to house those tiny hair ties and grips. Keep it tucked away in a drawer, ready to get out when your kids are asking for the latest hairstyle.

Use chalkboard paint on dresser drawers

If your kids’ clothes are neatly folded in drawers, divided by type or need, then use chalkboard paint to maintain this organisation. You can pick up chalkboard paint in a range of colours, paint the front of your drawers with this, then use chalk to label each drawer. Take a look at the chalkboard dresser featured in this guide from Life as Mama.

Hanging baskets for stuffed toys

Wire hanging baskets are versatile storage options that can add a touch of creativity to your child’s bedroom. By utilizing BedKingdom cabin beds, you can easily attach these baskets to the walls within their reach and fill them with their beloved stuffed toys, providing an affordable and playful storage solution. To further enhance the aesthetic appeal, consider spray painting the baskets in colors that complement the room’s overall theme.

​Take on some of these great storage hacks and enjoy a tidier space and fewer cries of “have you seen my…” from the kids.

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