Colourful Interiors: How To Mix Fabrics Like a Pro

Probably everyone would agree that combining different patterns into one’s interior design can be time-consuming, intimidating and sometimes even frustrating. The same as incorporating different colors, matching various patterns also have important rules that determine whether the interior will look well balanced or, on the contrary, tasteless and disorganized. So if you choose one prominent pattern in the room, let it be your red-coloured Kivik sofa cover, it should set the tone for the rest of the room.

Yes, it might sound complicated, so, for this reason, we provide a list with some ideas for mixing patterns when decorating your home. Are you ready? Then read on!

Let‘s start with the basics

To understand the pattern matching idea easier, let‘s analyse the rule of four. It means four different patterns in three different sizes. Even though each of them is distinct, at the same time they all have a similar feeling. For instance, choose a rug decorated with various geometric shapes and let it be the main accent. On your Kivik sofa cover throw an accent pillow, which features the second largest pattern after the rug. The pattern on the pillow should follow the same as a rug. Finally, two more pillows should support the rest of the textures and feature smaller patterns.

Using such geometric patterning can create a lively, energising impression to a small room or a sitting area. Of course, don‘t forget to choose from two to three geometric patterns to avoid chaos. For instance, choose your paintings on the wall to be an accent accessory of the area with round-shaped geometric figures. The second biggest print that will complement the paintings can be the armchair or Kivik sofa cover decorated with zig-zag patterned pillows. Lastly, the rug is a perfect combination of the third pattern in your room.

The prominent pattern should be on the floor

According to interior designers, there is a general rule of thumb to follow, which is that the most prominent pattern in the room should be placed on the floor. Oversized, eye-catchy patterns on the rug create a balanced and stylish interior design. To complement the rug, the best idea is to use accent pillows. With this home accessory, it is easy to incorporate smaller, second and third patterns into any room.

How to create a happy vibe with patterns

Even though the general rule is “less is more“, it‘s not always the case. Sometimes for interior design to express a happy vibe it needs a colourful bunch of patterns. Again, the effect can be easily achieved by accent pillows and bright Kivik sofa cover. Choose pillows with a bold mixture of various patterns that resemble the ​culture of expressive, colourful countries. The combination of the vibrant sofa cover and pillows will create a cosy, happy vibe.

It‘s true that it‘s not easy to perfectly combine all the details in your home, however, it‘s achievable if some of the basic rules are followed. Don‘t choose the easiest way to decorate your rooms – accept the challenge and be happy with outstanding results! It won‘t be left unnoticed by your guests.

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