Is Boiler Cover Really Worth the Price?

As winter is coming to a close, you might be breathing a sigh of relief that your boiler hasn’t yet given up. While the close of winter might mean the thermostat can creep down and you will eventually turn the heating off altogether, it doesn’t mean you can ignore your boiler entirely.

Boiler maintenance is essential year-round, not just during the coldest months. So what can you do to keep your boiler in good working order? A boiler cover plan is one option for those looking to spread the cost of repairs. With the average cost of boiler repairs landing between £150 for simple repairs up to £400 for more complex problems, it makes sense to think about spreading the cost.

What is a boiler cover plan?

Like any other kind of insurance plan, boiler cover protects you from the financial blow of repairing your boiler. There are other perks to having a boiler repair plan. For example, if you are with YourRepair you will get an annual boiler service included in your care plan. This can help to stop small problems before they become big problems. You will also get access to a reliable network of Gas Safe engineers. Anyone who has ever had to turn to the phone book to find a plumber will know just how helpful this can be.

Who should consider boiler cover?

If your house is never broken into, then paying for contents insurance might seem like a waste of money. But if the worst should happen, you’ll be happy you had the policy in place. It’s the same for a boiler care plan. If you don’t have a boiler care plan and your boiler breaks down, you will be left paying for the emergency callout, the parts and the labour. This can quickly add up. If you want to spread the cost of future boiler breakdowns, a boiler cover plan can help.

Boiler cover for older boilers

A good boiler can last between 10-15 years. As it starts to near the end of its life, you might notice it breaks down more often. This can be an excellent time to take out a boiler cover plan. Many boiler cover companies will offer a replacement boiler once your boiler is beyond economical repair. With an older boiler, you want to look for a boiler cover plan with a lower excess and pay the higher monthly premiums.

Boiler cover for new boilers

Even those with brand new boilers can benefit from boiler cover. A new boiler should still be serviced every year, and you can often keep your warranty intact for longer if you stick to the annual boiler service schedule. With a new boiler, you can take a risk on a higher excess to keep your monthly premiums down.

What to look out for in the fine print

Before choosing your boiler repair policy, it’s important to check the fine print. This can be the difference between huge savings and huge losses.

  • Look for a policy that will lock in your price for a long period. If your price isn’t fixed, you could see your premium shoot up as soon as you make your first claim.
  • Find out how long you can expect to wait for repairs. You want to work with a company that has an extensive network of plumbers and engineers in your area or you could end up waiting a long time for repairs.
  • The excess will determine your monthly premiums. A smaller excess or no excess will have the highest premiums while a larger excess will have the lowest premiums.
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