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New Design Trends To Upgrade Your Bathroom

More people in the UK are upgrading their homes, and according to a recent poll, British homeowners have spent a whopping £295 billion on home improvements over the last five years. The survey also indicates that certain parts of the home get prioritised during renovations, and of all the rooms, it is said that the bathroom is where most homeowners prefer to spend their money. The average cost of a new bathroom was £4,500 in 2020. Making changes to this area allows you to enjoy your bathroom, and it also raises the value of your home. If you’re looking to renovate your shower and toilet this year, consider these new design trends to elevate the look of your bathroom.

Black and grey

Design experts predict that black and grey is going to be a popular colour theme in modern West London bathrooms this year. To keep your decor from looking too bleak, opt to have one wall painted in matte black, then paint all other walls in a fresh white or a pale grey. Use slate grey ceramic or stone tiles on the floor, then illuminate your bathroom with a chandelier and wall sconces. To bring a bit of nature into your space, consider placing a grey or black vase on your counter and filling it with cut flowers.

Accessories and add-ons that promote comfort

Well-chosen accessories can add some visual interest to any room. But when it comes to decorating a bathroom, it’s important that most of your add-ons have form and function as you’re working with a limited amount of space. This is why accessories that increase cosiness and comfort, such as a heated towel rack, built-in shower seats, and a rain showerhead, are expected to be big this year in modern London bathrooms. Try incorporating these items into your bathroom design, as well as traditional decorative elements such as scented candles, live plants, and other bath accessories.

Brushed metal fixtures

It is predicted that overly shiny metals, such as chrome, are on their way out, and brushed metals are about to take their place in new West London bathrooms. Try replacing existing taps, cabinet pulls, and other metallic fixtures with ones made of brushed nickel. The understated finish of these fixtures can help to keep your bathroom decor from looking dated in just a few years.
Having a gorgeous bathroom can elevate your home’s aesthetic value. Consider incorporating some of these design ideas into your shower and bath to get a beautiful, functional and relaxing bathroom.

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