Latest Trends in Kitchen Design for 2020

Are you bored with your current kitchen style? Do you need a more functional space to make cooking easier? Whether you want to revamp the entire room, a wall, a nook, or a few accents, we can help you pick a stylish and trendy design to incorporate into your home. This blog talks about the most vogue ideas for you to consider using in your home in 2020.

Future kitchen design ideas include a combination of metal finishes

Many interior designers are finding mixing and matching metal hues a fun way to create an eclectic home design. From silver table legs to brass faucets and nickel drawer pulls, the choice of metals uses the way each piece functions to select the right finish. Sleek handles and drawer pulls make opening cabinets easy when people are in a hurry. Bronze or brass light fixtures create stunning features that homeowners can use as conversation pieces. If you want to employ a striking design, then using copper cookware as a focal point is an excellent option.

Islands are in the most trending kitchens

Installing an island offers many benefits. For example, families with young children like the way you can set up bar stools on one side and drawers on the other. Kids can get homework help from mum, dad, or the grandparents while the adults are preparing meals or snacks. Everyone can spend time together and the kids stay out of the way because they are sitting down. A kitchen island also gives you more prep space. If you like to put your small appliances on the counter, then the central counter is an excellent place to leave open for meal planning, prep, and serving.

Amazing kitchens in modern UK design include camouflaging appliances

Many people are choosing to hide dishwashers, rubbish bins, and refrigerators when they have a kitchen remodel. Incorporating appliances seamlessly into the cabinet design gives the room a more cohesive and cleaner look. Many modern themes are using this trend in 2019, and designers are including the style for 2020 also. Adding a faux cabinet to the stove hood is another fun way to hide the bulky appliances. You can also use wood trim and doors to give the space a more comforting feeling if you are not a fan of stainless steel.

European kitchen trends still incorporate industrial themes

Whether you want to go all out and use iron pipes to create shelves, or you want something simpler like a metal pot rack, steampunk and industrial themes are popular for the coming year. You can continue the theme by using the same material for hanging light fixtures, as table or bar stool legs, and for open shelving. Another fun way to use pipes in the kitchen is for hanging utensils and towels. You can add a piece under the sink for hanging spray bottles to keep the inside of your cabinets organised too.

Upcoming kitchen trends go back to the 1970s

Retro patterns and colours are big right now. People are finding fun ways to update older styles like using them in gigantic sizes on the floors or walls. Adding a funky wallpaper is another way to bring in a style that older generations loved. By picking one theme and using it to find accent pieces, you can create a unique pattern for your kitchen. You can even find small appliances with these designs. Mustard yellow and avocado green tones will tie into the design when you want decor items that match the retro vibe without using patterns.

The latest designer kitchens incorporate open living in unique ways

Does your family like to gather in the kitchen? Are you always looking for a comfortable spot to hang out with friends and family? Using an open concept design gives parents easy sight lines to watch young children. Adding bench seating to one side of the dining table gives people a more comfortable place to do homework and crafts or look up recipes.

Another trend is to set up a small living area or den space in the corner of the kitchen. Families can use this space to eat together when they want a more comfortable spot. Plus, it is easier to keep the formal dining area clean and ready for guests when the family has a separate space to gather for meals.

Kitchen trends showcase wine racks and coolers for the sophisticated homeowner

2020 will see upscale homeowners adding wet bars, wine coolers, mini-bars, and other racks for alcohol. Whether you like a cold beer, a nice glass of red wine, or a cocktail, installing a small bar is one way to change the ambiance of the room. Some people are combining trending fashions and adding wine coolers with a false cabinet front to keep the room looking modern and stylish while incorporating the finer upgrades.

The latest kitchen decorating ideas continue to use wood as an accent or focal piece

Using wood to soften the kitchen design is a timeless idea. From wainscoting to crown moulding, wood adds a luxurious feeling to any cooking space. The best thing about crown moulding is you can go as ornate or sleek as you like. For example, a modern kitchen might use a coiffured ceiling where a French country style would look best with a detailed crown moulding around the entire room. Homeowners can also use a wood hood vent to create a feature in the room.

Patterned tiles are featured in the newest kitchen designs

To switch up the look of your kitchen, installing a new tile floor is one fun option. From faux wood tiles in a herringbone pattern to those that mimic intricate mosaic tiles, there are many colours and styles to consider. Big, bold patterns are excellent for making a small room look larger. You can choose smaller tiles to show off contrasting grout lines or go with a bolder, bigger design to tie the space together.

What is the latest colour scheme for kitchen design

Green is a soothing colour that sparks interest and creates a calming effect depending on the hue you use. Sky blue is another popular colour choice. Some people are even using metallic finishes in purples, greens, and yellows for their appliances.

Two-tone styles are also trending right now. Whether you choose a classic style like white and grey or slate blue, or you want something more vibrant, these designs are popular in kitchen remodelling showcases like at Murdoch Troon. Some people choose to use one colour on upper cabinets and a darker one on the bottom doors. Still others are painting the door panel one colour and the trim a different one. Another way to add appeal is to use some open and some closed shelving options. You can show off your favourite china or dishes with the open cabinets or shelves.

When your kitchen needs an update, one way to improve the value of your home is to remodel the entire room. If you cannot afford a total upgrade, then choosing a feature wall or upgrading the light fixtures can still add equity. Some homeowners use timeless colours, patterns, or ideas to ensure the house is always trendy. For example, slate grey and other neutral tones stays in style. Going with all stainless or all black appliances is another quality and modern way to update the kitchen without worrying about how long the trend will last.

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