Pros and Cons of Air Conditioning Units

This summer, the UK has experienced record-breaking heat – for the first time ever, the Met Office had to issue red warnings for extreme heat. This came after temperatures in the UK reached 40 degrees for the first time. Not only is this dangerous for the elderly and children, but it can also make it extremely difficult to sleep once night comes. Many people were forced to use fans as a temporary measure, but it could become necessary to install air conditioning in the future. Below, we explore the pros and cons.

Will it become the norm?

If global warming does indeed follow scientists’ predictions and make heatwaves like this more common, air conditioning could become the norm. This is because homes in the UK are mostly designed to keep heat in rather than to cool the interior – they’re ill-equipped to deal with heatwaves. As a result, without significant changes to home design, air conditioning could well become the norm. Alternatively, you could look into purchasing a new build that’s been designed for energy efficiency and to be cool during summer. In this situation, you should look for conveyancing solicitors to ensure that your home will deliver the design promised.


Air conditioning can rapidly create a cool room even during a heatwave. By sending a cool breeze towards you, air-con can help you sleep and work during extreme heat. However, you won’t find yourself getting too cold either: most devices allow you to tailor the temperature in the room with precision, ensuring you feel comfortable. If you get a split air conditioning system, you’ll have a device in every room of your home, capable of cooling you down. Alternatively, you could opt for a portable device, but they’re often louder than fixed appliances and might need a supply of dry air.


There are downsides to air conditioning though. This mostly revolves around the cost: air conditioning units can set you back a significant sum if you’re looking to get a comprehensive system installed. And that isn’t the end of the expenses. Air conditioning units use up a lot of electricity – you’ll find that your energy bills rise steeply when you’re using the device during summer. On top of this, air conditioning units have a damaging impact on the environment. The extra electricity you’ll be using will increase your carbon footprint. What’s more, these devices pump hot air out of your house, making it much warmer for passers-by on the street.

Air conditioning can help you withstand a heatwave. And by following the guide above, you’ll be able to decide whether they’re the right solution for your home.

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