3 Easy Ways To Up Your Summer Style

Combine Muted Tones With Splashes of Colour

When putting together outfits this summer, start simple. Use a base layer of neutral tones such as beige or grey. Or go lighter with cream and off-whites. Black and brown are especially great at giving you a platform to make your colours pop. Combine these colours with eye-catching hues to make your favourite pieces stand out.

Bold prints have made a comeback recently. Tropical prints, in particular, have become this year’s must-have pop of colour. Alternatively, go for something with a little less going on. Eye-catching pastels such as blue, pink and orange are enjoying some much-deserved love this year.

Finish a Look With a Pair of Sunglasses

Bigger is better. Large sunglasses are a must-have in 2022’s world of eyewear. It’s up to you how big you go but there are plenty of options out there. Oversized square glasses are perfect for those looking to go incognito. Those with a rounder face shape should opt for a wider design, others may look for taller frames. Large square sunglasses are not only a fashion statement but are also a useful addition to your outfit. Protect your eyes and face from harmful UV rays and see clearly with prescription sunglasses lenses.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, retro round frames, especially thin frames, can give your outfit something special, without hogging the spotlight. Alternatively, embrace the old-school with retro cat-eye frames that pop with a splash of pin-up charm.

Get Creative With Jewellery and Headwear

Small pieces of clothing and accessories are a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit without dominating your look. Think colourful hair clips and Barrettes for that old-school touch. Match these with stylish rings and bracelets to bring your look together.

Look to scarves for a versatile and eye-catching option. Go lightweight for the summer months with bold patterns combined with bright colours such as blue and orange. You can also grab a thicker warmer scarf for the winter and autumn months. Use warm autumnal colours such as red and brown, combined with classic tartan patterns and look stylish all year round.

Not a scarf person? Try hats instead! Headwear comes in a variety of forms and offers a versatile and functional accessory. Get holiday ready with a stylish wide-brim hat. Men can easily dress up with an old-school flat cap to add some class to their look. For everyday wear, go for the much-beloved baseball cap.

Whichever wardrobe updates you go for, make sure you think long-term. Summer will come around again, but this time, you and your wardrobe will be ready.

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