City VS country life: which is right for me?

Choosing whether to live in the city or further out in more rural areas is a decision that many people face at some stage in life. Both options offer something completely different which is important to factor in. Younger generations tend to favour inner city areas, whereas more mature adults are more likely to prefer quieter rural regions. Of course, this all comes down to circumstance – but what are some factors you should be considering if you’re thinking about where to live?


Your basic lifestyle should be an important factor in where you ultimately end up settling down. City living is a great choice for outgoing and sociable people, particularly if you enjoy nights out or eating at restaurants regularly. Living within a city gives you easy access to these sorts of activities if that’s your idea of fun. You may also prefer the hustle and bustle of the big city.

You may be the opposite and favour long walks, cycling and open space in your spare time. Living in a rural area means that you will be able to enjoy the scenery and countryside a lot more. Whether you are single, in a relationship or have a family also determines your lifestyle greatly. Living further out of city areas is a common preference for people starting families because of the relative safety and proximity to good schools.


It’s fair to say that you get less for your money when buying or renting in inner city areas. Therefore, your budget may determine where you can afford to live. New high-rise buildings are common in city areas, whereas new homes are springing up more on the outskirts. You’re more likely to find houses rather than flats in rural areas, and vice versa. So, you’ll have to ask yourself if you want to favour convenience and location over value for your money and space.

Work commitments

Your employment situation is a key element to consider because it will determine how much and how far you have to travel. Young professionals often choose to live near city centres to help them kickstart their careers and avoid long commutes. Commuting can steal a significant proportion of your free time away, so you may want to live in a city if that’s where you work and you want to maintain your work-life balance.

If your professional commitments are less strenuous, then you may be freer to move further away from business and commerce hubs. Many more are working remotely these days, and this gives them the freedom to work from almost anywhere in the country.

These are a few of the more important factors to consider if you’re weighing up city versus country life. Everyone will have their own preferences and you may have to compromise on some aspects to find the right place for you.

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