How To Make Outstanding Fashion Videos

Shooting for a fashion video might seem a very glamorous task, but the reality is a little different. It may be a lot more challenging than expected, but there are no second chances available – once the video is out, it can’t be undone. For example, the model walking on the ramp will be available for the shoot for just a few minutes. Thus one may lose the chance if the button is not pressed on time. In addition, once the image goes incorrect, it will affect the product quality of the fashion video.

Walk through the blog to check out the tips to help you become your own video editor and make outstanding fashion videos with less effort.

Tips To Make An Outstanding Fashion Video

Creating a fashion video is not as simple and small a task as it may seem. It takes hours of preparation of a photographer, videographer, and video editor to ensure everything is prepared to showcase the best fashion video highlighting your style and product. Here is a guide for you to simplify the video-making process and prepare high-quality video content:

• Learn The Mantra – Script, Film, Edit, Repeat

It is a traditional approach to understanding the process of video production. You are first required to write down a script, film it by making others act out or perform, and the editing part is done to bring about the final version of the recording. With easy access to low-cost cameras, smartphones, and software – anyone can create a professional video with fewer hassles. Also, with the video mode of the DSLRs, one can achieve the target of creating a stunningly high-quality video.

The mantra might seem intimidating, but it offers the authorised person flexibility and control. Furthermore, if the video editor has plenty of time to have the final version, it would be the most rewarding path.

• Narrow Down Your Focus

Often, a video editor or producer may get overwhelmed with the open-ended task of making an excellent final video. The questions that mostly arise at the beginning of the shoot may include – “Where to start with?” “Whom to cast?” and “What should the story be?”
It may be immensely tiring, but narrowing the focus may help you understand what you are doing. In addition, constricting your tasks to something easy to understand, like capturing a video of the product and editing it, would give a better and higher quality outcome.

• Considering The Right Colour Palette For Fashion Film

The colours must be a crucial part of the post-production workflow if you want next-level footage. It is essentially true if you want to create a fashion film. The right colour palette makes the clothing pop in your film. With the following example, you will understand the importance of colours in the scene.

The colours emphasise as they sync well with the other elements in the scenario. You may not notice the bright colour of the outfit. You will notice that the shirt stands in contrast with the scenery. The entire frame would be made to stand out from the clothing colours. It is a basic colour theory. It makes your footage very professional and inspiring. Thus, a video editor must not abandon the colour palettes when editing the footage.

• Considering The Right Gears For Shooting

While making a fashion video, it is important to select the right shooting gears. Before you choose the camera, you must figure out the overall tone of the scenario. After you have selected the film’s style and tone, select the camera. It is best to get a camera with a high dynamic range to showcase the clothing. In the case of highlighting colours – it is best to record in RAW.
While the camera is important, you must not forget about the lenses. If you want to get a close-up shot, have a macro lens. And if you want to shoot a subject, you must use prime lenses for shooting a fashion film.

• Don’t Forget To Hire A Deserving Video Editor

Once you have all the content of your exciting fashion video in your hand – You can use a professional video editor tool that works best to infuse all the segments and create magic that your viewers will love. They will add all the shots together in sync while adding exciting transitions and required adjustments. All this collectively will help develop a fashion video that every stylish viewer will adore.

Various Fashion Film Genres:

The term fashion film is a bit hazy, and it can be broken down into a few potential sub-categories such as:

• Product Placement Videos

Unlike other traditional commercials, these videos don’t increase sales.

• Documentary Type Videos

Day in the life videos or documentaries is currently the most popular fashion video. It is mainly because these videos approach the audience and connect them to the product.

• A Narrative Film Or Fashion Video

These fashion videos typically focus on thematic mashups in which a video maker tries to combine several styles and themes to complement the clothing or products.

• A Lookbook Film

It is simply a fashion booklet video that showcases clothes and products to be released in the upcoming season. So naturally, most fashion companies opt for these and make their brand stand out.

• Music-Driven Fashion Video

These videos highlight the clothes by mixing the incredible cinematography with an excellent music track that evokes the right tone of the product presented.

Hopefully, the video tips and tricks mentioned here will help you create magic out of snippets. These ideas may not help you win an Oscar, but they will help you create something out of the box. If you are still unsure about moving forward in this business, you must explore more tips and tricks mentioned in InVideo. So check out the details on the app and make your fashion video stand out today!

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