Memorial Gifts ideas for 2022

Saying goodbye to a loved one is always difficult. If someone in your life is grieving, finding a unique memorial gift could help to let them know you are thinking about them. Memorial gifts can be difficult to choose as they are so deeply personal. What brings one person comfort might not be relevant to another person, so it’s important to carefully consider their personality, not just your preferences.

It takes some time and careful consideration to choose the right memorial gift for a loved one. But once you’ve landed on the right choice of gift, you can be confident it will bring a lot of comfort for years to come.

What is a memorial gift?

A memorial gift is typically given after a funeral or memorial service. It is a simple way to let a person know that you are thinking of them. Funeral flowers would not be considered a memorial gift, since these are typically left at the grave. A memorial gift might be a keepsake or small token that will help an individual deal with their loss. They might not keep it with them at all times, and they might not keep it forever. But it will bring some joy and perspective in times of need.

When would you purchase a memorial gift?

A memorial gift is a deeply personal gift. You would only purchase a memorial gift for someone you know very well. Since memorial gifts might contain ashes, you would also need to ensure that you have approval before going ahead with purchasing the gift. A memorial gift might be something that you choose alongside the person who is grieving, as they will know what will bring them the most comfort.

Top memorial gifts for 2022

If you’re helping a close friend or loved one grieve this year, consider the following unique memorial gifts as a way to let them know you’re thinking of them. Starting with…

Ashes rings and jewellery

Memorial jewellery is growing in popularity as a way to help grieving individuals cope with their loss. Ashes rings, in particular, are a popular choice as they can bring a lot of comfort during times of need. An ashes ring or similar piece of jewellery will either contain the ashes within a hidden compartment, or the ashes will be added to a glass gemstone.

This type of gift can help individuals who are planning to scatter the ashes to feel more in control. Scattering the ashes can feel very final, but adding a small amount of the ashes to a memorial keepsake can give them something small to hold on to. They might not wear the memorial jewellery all of the time, but they will always have a small token to turn to in times of need.

Plant a tree or garden

Planting a tree or even a whole garden as a memorial to a loved one is a very touching gesture. Trees and plants represent new life, renewal and growth, which can be comforting to those dealing with a loss.

Planting a tree or garden will also give the individual somewhere to turn and experience a quiet moment of reflection. In the beginning, it might be a bittersweet place to visit, but over time it might offer considerable comfort.

Painting or artwork

Commissioning a painting or a piece of artwork as a memorial gift is always a popular choice. A portrait of the deceased or a landscape of a place they loved to spend time in could offer considerable comfort in times of need. This is also a popular choice as the painting or artwork can be passed down and become a treasured family heirloom.

In the beginning, it might be too difficult to have the painting or artwork in a prominent location, but over time the individual might find that it brings a lot of comfort and reassurance. It might one day become the focal point of their home, allowing them to relish the memories of their lost loved one.

Christmas ornament

Christmas and the holiday season can be particularly difficult for those dealing with grief. They might avoid common Christmas traditions like decorating the tree or even enjoying a meal with friends and family. Giving them a memorial keepsake Christmas decoration could help them to allow joy back into their life again.

A memorial Christmas decoration will allow them to feel like their loved one is still part of the celebrations. Making space for them in the holiday season can allow individuals to feel like they aren’t forgetting or moving on, but they are simply accepting the new position. Christmas ornaments might contain an image, a special quote, or even some of the ashes of the deceased. This is a deeply personal choice, so think carefully before deciding which memorial gift would be the most appropriate for your loved one.

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