3 Staycations For Families in The UK and Ireland For 2022

Since the pandemic began, staycations have continued to rise in popularity with holiday types like camping seeing a 300% increase in bookings and enquiries. Staycations are here to stay and we’ve got just the list of places to visit you’ve been looking for.

Find out when your children’s school holidays are and start planning a fun-filled year of staycations with these incredible getaways.

Centre Parcs

With Parcs up and down the country in locations like Cumbria, Nottingham, Wiltshire, Suffolk, Bedford as well as in Ireland, you’ll be able to find a suitable location to take the family depending on your travel time preferences.

Centre Parcs is the family adventure that everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. Filled with activities that even mums and dads will find fun, you’ll have the choice of anything between kayaking and laser tag.

With delicious restaurants such as Bella Italia and Café Rouge in some locations, your quality time with family won’t just be spent being active. Enjoy tasty meals that the kids will love and reflect on the exciting day you’ve just had.

Forest Holidays

Forest Holidays offer their customers incredible accommodation in some of the beautiful forests all over the UK. Each fitted with a personal hot tub, you’ll have the choice of which accommodation you stay in but no matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed comfort and privacy to enjoy your family staycation.

Once here, get out into the outdoors and take the family for long, scenic walks or go cycling through the incredible shrubbery home to the forest and see how your children’s excitement levels rise. There are plenty of things to do with Forest Holidays, all you have to do is get there.

Sykes Cottages

The most elegant cottages to rent with flawless designs that can suit any family’s needs. With Sykes Cottages, you’ll have the perfect base to plan fun activities for parents and children to enjoy; after all, holidays are always better when you plan them yourself.

You’ll find these cottages in England, Ireland, North Wales and Scotland, so if you know which area you would like to visit, there’ll be the right cottage for you nearby.

Book a Sykes Cottage today and let your wild side run free with ziplining in Snowdonia, Skiing in the Cairngorms or surfing Cornwall. You’ll find an activity for everyone when you visit these cottages.

These resorts are the perfect location for any staycation and whilst they are relatively free from crime, you’ll still want to make sure your vehicle is protected from theft by obtaining the right Gap insurance. Cover your backs and lift the weight off your shoulders so you can enjoy your trip fully.

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