How to decorate your rented property

As a renter, you will usually have a lot of restrictions in regards to how much you can do in terms of decorating – if you want to get your deposit back that is. However, there are plenty of ways to get around this and create your own personalised home space. Let’s get stuck in.

1. Damage-free wall décor

You can use command strips to hang almost anything without damaging the wall but these personalised photo wall tiles come with an easy magnetic hanging kit that makes them easy to replace and rearrange – without taking half the plastering from the wall with it! And they make for a great photo display that is a little different from your typical photo gallery.

2. Removable wallpaper

You may not be able to paint your walls how you like but with the lifesaving invention of removable wallpaper, you can decorate exactly how you like. This wallpaper can be used to mix up the colour of the walls or create a super trendy feature wall. It is available in just about every pattern or colour you can imagine and the temporary quality of this means I would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves getting bored with their décor, renting or not.

3. Self-adhesive flooring

In the same vein as the removable wallpaper, you can also get self-adhesive flooring which is especially perfect for your bathroom or kitchen to cover up any ugly tiling.

4. Area rugs

Self-adhesive flooring is not suitable for covering hideous carpets so you might want to invest in some large area rugs to hide those old threadbare carpets. Not only can a large fluffy rug make the room look more stylish, but they are also much more comfortable for walking around on your bare feet.

5. Switch up the curtains

Curtains and blinds are usually the easiest things to change temporarily, with some being as straightforward as unhooking the old ones and rehanging new ones. This means that landlords are usually fine with their tenants doing this, however since you can easily rehang the old curtains once you move out, they would be none be the wiser!

6. Soft furnishings

Make the most of throws and cushions, especially if you are renting somewhere that is already furnished. Use stylish blankets and throws to cover up old sofas or armchairs and accessorise with cushions. Tablecloths are often mistakenly assumed to be old-fashioned, but they can be used to great effect if you want to cover up an unsightly or tattered table.

7. Plants

The best way to bring some life and joy into an otherwise dismal space is to fill it with greenery. Plants can create a more contemporary, modern look or alternatively colourful flowers can make the space a little more traditional – as well helping with airflow and acting as a natural air freshener.

8. Lighting and lamps

Splashing out on quality lighting and lamps can brighten up all those small dark spaces and your dingy rented property into a more light, airy space. This is especially useful for those of you living in a flat, as you often struggle to find a place with sufficient natural light.

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