Conor McGregor: A Fashion Icon

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, has become increasingly popular in recent years, with a number of fighters becoming mainstream sports stars. One of these is Conor McGregor, who has become one of the best-known stars of the MMA world and has been making waves since his first amateur fight at the age of eighteen.

His stellar fighting career has attracted a lot of attention worldwide, but he has become almost as well known for his dapper attire, as he is for his skills in the ring. MMA fans not only admire his approach to fighting but also his ability to put together a truly slick outfit.

Confidence and style

Conor McGregor’s nickname is ‘Notorious’ and he certainly has earned it by creating a brand around himself that incorporates his notable style alongside his MMA success. Not only does he have the confidence to pull off some truly eye-catching outfits, but he is also a master of the power play when it comes to MMA.

His recent bout against Dustin Poirier took place during the ‘Fight Island’ event that is held on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Conor McGregor made headlines when he chartered a luxury yacht to take him from Dubai to the island, before transferring to a Rolls Royce to get him to his 5-star hotel.

This kind of behaviour instantly attracts the media, generating hundreds of column inches of coverage for McGregor and instantly putting him in the spotlight. This kind of showmanship is what elevates Conor McGregor beyond simply an MMA fighter into a superstar.

His determination is matched only by his sense of drama – he never misses an opportunity to gain ground against an opponent, particularly when he is in the position to boost his own image. Looking the part is an important element in McGregor’s arsenal and he generates attention wherever he goes.

A most anticipated match

The superstar fighter will be hoping to channel that level of confidence during his upcoming re-match against Poirier. They will be fighting in Las Vegas, in front of a crowd of 20,000 after several furious spats on social media concerning the upcoming bout.

For Conor McGregor odds of 5/6 will be helping to bolster him as he prepares for this long-awaited meeting with a long-time rival. To maximise his advantage, McGregor will be keen to remind him which of them is the biggest star at every opportunity.

Making a big entrance has long been a power move for athletes hoping to get an early start at their opponent’s confidence. Tiger Woods achieved a similar effect when he pulled up to the 2018 US Open in a $20 million yacht which he docked in the Hamptons for the duration of the competition.

This kind of manoeuvre is not only a demonstration of power and wealth but a reminder that there is a big name in town. This level of confidence and self-belief is as important before a fight as during it, not to mention when breaking ground in fashion.

The MMA’s favourite clothes horse

McGregor’s striking look, combined with his truly well-earned swagger, give him a unique appeal as he sports some of his most daring looks. He favours slim fits that accentuate his muscular physique and doesn’t shy away from bright colours and bold tailoring.

He is often seen sporting a well-cut suit, often in shades of blue and grey that accentuate and compliment his colouring. He is also known for his less conservative choices, such as check suits in shades of purple and pink, not to mention floral accents and paisley prints.

There is often speculation about the cost of some of his suits, with commentators totting some of his outfits up at £40,000 plus. This is no surprise, considering McGregor gets most of his suits made by David August Heil, tailor to legends such as Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone.

Heil is known for his custom suits and has his own reputation for clothing some of the biggest names in business, sport and entertainment. With McGregor reportedly buying between five and ten suits from Heil at a time, it is no surprise that the two have teamed up to form their own clothing label: August McGregor.

August McGregor – get the look yourself

As part of the Conor McGregor brand, he and the tailor to the stars have designed a collection that gives everyone the option to achieve the fighter’s signature look for themselves. August McGregor has become a firm favourite among fans of fighting and fashion, and the brand encompasses everything that makes Conor McGregor such a style icon.

The range includes pieces to suit any occasion, from casual t-shirts, joggers and sportswear to elegantly embroidered jackets, suits and even a selection of tuxedos. The website also carries a range of accessories, including hats, scarves, ties and jewellery, and there are more pieces set to be added to the collection every season.

The range has attracted compliments from a range of fashion commentators who have praised everything from the cut and fit of the clothes to the packaging and presentation. The fact that the collection sold out within hours of launch is a testament to the enthusiasm of the fans that want to match McGregor’s style, as well as his attitude and confidence.

Conor McGregor may have started his career in a Dublin suburb, but he has built himself a brand that has earned him international recognition both in and out of the ring.

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