The Definitive Summer Style Guide For Men

Summer can be a confusing time fashion-wise, especially for men. If you are used to formal clothes, you may be wondering how you can dress well without drowning in your sweat this summer. Below, we will look at some tips for guys who want to remain stylish and cool throughout the summer.

Your Wardrobe

Before we look at how to dress for summer for men, we need to talk about fabrics. Many of the fabrics you wear during the rest of the year will probably be heavier wool and cotton. These clothes are meant to keep you warm, which is why they fail during the summer; they make you too hot. You will need to switch to lighter fabrics that absorb and help wick sweat away.

Lightweight Jackets

Summer jackets are great for an evening out. You need specific summer jackets because these jackets are lighter than the jackets you would need throughout the rest of the year. Business casual jackets work great because they work in both formal and informal settings, but you can always choose something more casual.

Polos and T-shirts

T-shirts are an obvious summer staple but do not forget to get a few polo shirts too. Polos are great because they bridge the gap between casual t-shirts and the more serious button-down shirts. For t-shirts, you want those made out of long-strand cotton, which is softer to the touch.
As for polos, try to avoid those made out of the characteristic heavier cotton associated with polos and instead choose ones made out of lighter cotton. Ideally, a mix of whites, grey, cream, and blues should be the colours you go for.


Every guy should have at least one pair of summer sunglasses. If you are not sure which pairs to choose from, go with the classic round shape with a rounded top and bottom. For the frames, black and brown work well for the summer and blend in with most outfits. For a brighter look, you can choose a dark brown pair.

The good news is that there are lots of sunglass options to look through, including the Balmain range at SSENSE. You can shop the Balmain SS21 range to find the best sunglasses for this summer. SSENSE also sells summer wear from different high-end designers, brands, and fashion houses worldwide.

Pants and Shorts

A few pants are OK for a summer wardrobe but no more than 3-4. Chinos are a great option as they can fit into casual and more serious business attire categories. Ensure that the pants are made out of light cotton for breathability.

Shorts, much like t-shirts, are a summer staple. Try to find a mix of drawstring and chino shorts and ensure that the shorts are neither too short nor too long.

As for colours, a mix of colours for the pants while greys and khaki will work well for the shorts.
For men, shopping for the summer is not that complicated but whatever the case may be, always prioritize comfort overlooks. You do not want to be uncomfortable and sweat through your clothes when you should be having fun this summer.

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