How To Plan a Memorable Corporate Event As An HR

As time passes by, your company grows older, giving you more opportunities to celebrate. One of the best ways to bring all the employees together is to throw an anniversary celebration. During the anniversary celebration, you can also reflect on all the accomplishments achieved by the employees over the previous year.

Anniversary celebration has its power – they will inspire the new joiners to perform better, seeing the current ones getting awarded. It will also promote the company as a great workplace, which will help you do business with your customers and new employees.

We have listed some exciting ideas in which you can do the anniversary celebration.

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Decide The Event Date

The date for the event is the first thing you should consider when you start planning the anniversary celebration. The following are some of the significant points you should keep in mind:

• Ask yourself whether you want to host the event on the exact date of the anniversary or the weekend near it.

• You should choose a date that does not clash with another significant event like client meetings or the birthday of the CEO.

Pick The Right Venue

The venue for the celebration will decide the whole mood for the event. If you plan a grand celebration, you should select a chandelier-clad ballroom; it will also make your employees feel royal. You can host the event at a local sports team’s arena if you plan to host a relaxed and laid-back affair.

Organise a Special Guest Performance

While planning the event, you need to add something everyone will talk about after the event.One way of ensuring this is by using talent booking services to hire an actual band to perform at the event. Alternatively, to make things more homely, you can also request some employees who have some hidden talent (like singing or dancing) to perform at the event provided they are comfortable and happy to do so.

Select a Suitable Theme

While planning the celebration, you should consider a theme for the party to make the Event more fun. Here’s what you can do:

• If you are planning a fancy event, a “black tie” dress code can be the way to go.

• The employees can also be asked to wear the colours in the company’s logo to make the celebration more enjoyable.

• You can go with the costume party option to make things fun.

Share Favourite Memories

You can add a segment of sharing favourite memories in the celebration to add a personal and emotional touch.

You can ask some employees to volunteer and share their favourite memories during the program. Another option is to ask your employees to record a video clip of their favourite memories and share it with the planning team.

You can play the compilation of videos at the event and enjoy the priceless reactions of the employees!

Take a Group Photo

The anniversary celebration is a rare moment when you will have all the employees under the same roof. You can’t leave this one out.

Consider getting a professional photographer and get everyone together after the event. Tell everyone to say “cheese” before the photographer captures their smile.

However, this trick may not work every time. To make sure everyone smiles genuinely, crack a silly joke just before the shot gets taken. Those genuine smiles in the photos will be a testament to the beautiful time you all spent at the event!

Final Word

Your company’s anniversary celebration can be an exciting event to plan. The event will aim to appreciate the employees for their efforts and focus on big announcements.

Don’t forget the gifts! They can be a perfect way to wrap up the event. Websites like Edibleblooms have a great collection of corporate gifts UK. Make sure there is variety in the gifts.

We hope that the tips mentioned above were helpful!


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