Dress to Impress on Your Daily Walk

Walking is the new gym. With all gyms closed across the nation the only way to get your exercise in is to walk, it is also the only way to meet people. So whether you are walking the dog or yourself you need to make sure that you look good. Where else are people going to see your new trainers or hat?

Nowadays with stores closed, instead of camping out overnight, people are queueing from the comfort of their own home for the latest sneaker drop at Footlocker. The retail giant along with all the big name brands are trying to combat the reselling of sneakers for extortionate prices so now there is a queue and you may only purchase one pair per person. If you are lucky enough to get your number called and be the next in line for the latest Jordans then be wise and get some money off with this Footlocker discount code. They also offer some great walking shoes for those of you looking to go off the beaten path.

Walking is underestimated for its health benefits. It is one of the best ways to get out and about, exercise, and get some fresh air into your lungs. Most people don’t even walk to the local shops anymore, they drive. This not only is not helping the obesity levels here in the UK, but on a more personal level, you may go to the gym 7 days a week, but the fresh air is what you need most to keep you fit and healthy. So make sure your footwear is comfortable and that you are warm when you do go out for your daily constitutional.

Unfortunately, although the sun has been shining lately, it is still fairly cool out so you need to keep your head and ears warm. Headwear has been big for the last few years, from beanies to baker boys all the way back to basics with baseball caps. The Ted Baker Wool baker boy hat teamed with a Barbour and a pair of Hunter Wellingtons will have you fitting right in for a stroll in the Cotswolds. What happens if you are more Coventry city? You can still wear the baker boy and the Barbour, just maybe not together, and maybe leave the Hunters at home.

City life lends itself more to a beanie with some Bluetooth speakers so you can catch up on your favourite tunes as you walk around. Amazon has a fantastic range of fashion beanies that will not only make you look good but keep you warm and you will have up to 6 hours of your preferred tunes. This means if you get lost you will at least have some good music to listen to.

Karl Lagerfeld once said that “sweatpants are a sign of defeat” that’s because he, unfortunately, didn’t live long enough to see some of the collaborations and designs that have come out over the last year. Comfort is the new luxury. Designers have been turning joggers into a thing of joy. They are no longer seen just as the trousers of choice of teenage boys hanging around street corners. This long-forgotten item has stepped into the limelight and is having a moment with designers such as Burberry and Gucci making them centrepieces of their collections.

A jacket that will see you through the seasons, one that will keep you dry and warm in winter, yet can be worn in milder weather is the Barbour International’s Endo Jacket. It can be worn with a pair of tracksuit bottoms or jeans to dress it up.

Men’s Health tells you why you should ditch the gym and start walking more, so make sure you look good while you are at it.

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