For Jewellery, Bigger Is Once Again Better

Jewellery is an important part of any outfit and, just like fashion, trends come in and out. Hip minimalist pieces have been the go-to for quite a while now, but according to a few fresh trends highlighted by Vogue, that’s all about to change. Put simply, bigger pieces are back in, with bold and ostentatious designs once again pointing the way ahead of the fashion game. A way of displaying your personality to the world, big jewellery pieces encapsulate the West London look, whether that be classic diamonds or time-honoured pearls. If you feel you don’t know enough about jewellery, you can learn a lot online at places like

The engagement ring

Few pieces of jewellery are as iconic, or hold as deep a meaning, as the engagement ring. Sometimes as simple as a thin band with a gem, engagement rings are intensely personal, and it’s important to understand your personal style before planning to tie the knot. That being said, the Evening Standard have noted how jewellers from across London have focused on big designs in their engagement rings. From salt and pepper, combining black diamond and gold, to the geometrically designed Danja ring, bold designs are the byword for class and fashion sophistication. This leads to the overarching trend – jewellery is a window into personality and creativity, and that can only be achieved with creative designs.

Historic pearls

This is where pearls are making a resurgence. Made popular in the UK back in the 1600s by Queen Elizabeth I – according to Oxford University – they have made a return owing to their versatility and the long history with which they are associated. Pearls are such an eye-grabber that they create a design in their own right, and that’s something that can help people who aren’t sure how they want to construct their jewellery designs. That simplicity shows that putting together modern, big jewellery pieces, doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive, for that matter.

Blending in with the day to day

To be fashion-savvy, jewellery needs to be attention-grabbing. That’s at odds with both price and ease of wear. What’s the solution? Chelsea-based jeweller Jessie Thomas might offer one. While focusing on more gentle, dainty designs, Thomas also creates larger show-pieces that can be showed off – while also remaining useful for every day activity. That’s important for most people, and especially with the hustle and bustle of West London life. Ideas include using larger pearls in gold frames to create a simple yet creative and lightweight piece that will draw attention without weighing you down or requiring undue care. The smaller and simpler nature of these pieces also keeps costs down, which is great for those just building a jewellery collection or anyone who has their eye for a bargain.

This spring and summer, go bigger with jewellery. You don’t have to break the bank or carry around a ten stone gem that pulls your arm off – but you will feel as fashionable as you can be if you wear something bold. Whether pearls, gold, gemstones or simple colours, there are countless ways to achieve the look.

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