Capital perfection: adding some class to your city home

Living in a large city can allow you access to great links for both work and leisure. Depending on where your home is, you may often bump into celebrities and high profile individuals alike. While you may not be one yourself, you might want to add a significant amount of class to your home, nonetheless. This can help you to feel like you have imbued more of that sophistication into your way of living.

Altering your kitchen

Guests and members of the household alike may need to get food or drink when living in or visiting your home. You may want to make sure that this leaves a good impression on them. Rather than opting for basic materials and designs for your kitchen, you may want to pay close attention to each little aspect of its design. When you’ve put a lot of thought into your counters and fixtures, you may want something a little less ordinary for those finishing touches. Opting for kitchen taps that don’t look like those you see in pretty much every other home could be a good way to achieve this. They may also stand out more, and give that important illusion of class and good taste.

Think about your hallway

When entering your home, it is likely that you will first go into a hallway. Simply leaving shoes by the door in a pile can make the space look messy and cramped. There are ways that you can have your footwear close to hand without it looking unkempt. Finding some clever shoe storage solutions can help to keep things tidy while simultaneously decorating the space. Certain options, such as shoe benches, can also give you a space to sit while you put your shoes on, meaning you no longer need to crouch or bend awkwardly. Finding clever ways to make even the most basic, mundane tasks simpler and more stylish could potentially be the pinnacle of living a classy lifestyle.

Decorating your patio

Some homes in major cities across the UK may only have a relatively small garden to maximise on space. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from spending time outside. Opting to use a chiminea rather than a fire pit can allow you to enjoy some warmth outside without needing to worry too much about the smoke affecting you or your neighbours. This is because its design helps to elevate any smoke. On top of this, opting for one made out of clay or terracotta can look somewhat more refined than a metal which may rust over time. You may even be able to use it for some outdoor cooking or roasting, as a beautiful alternative to the traditional barbecue.

Making your home classy might not require entire renovations. Instead, making some smaller changes in each space, with items that serve a purpose while looking great, could really affect each room’s appearance. When doing so, you may want to consider opting for items that stand out as focal points, while still matching your chosen colour scheme.


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