Lighting trends to consider for your home

Trends can be difficult to miss if you’re not paying attention. This is particularly true of interior design trends, which are constantly evolving. One area in which new trends are always revealing themselves is interior lighting.

Of course, the lights in our homes are always seen as being more about function than fashion but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful as well as practical. Fresh lighting can completely transform a room with a brand-new ambience and personality. So, here are a few of the top lighting trends currently lighting up fashionable homes across the globe.

Natural materials

Keeping things organic can really bring a little of the outside in. Using natural textiles in lighting can generate a real warmth in a room that also feels completely timeless. Rattan pendant lights made from wicker create something that would feel at home either in a modern kitchen or a log cabin. Either way, it’s a very striking look – like a wicker basket transformed into something else.


Less is more can be an ironically overused phrase when it comes to minimalism in interior design but in lighting, it really does make sense. We don’t want to draw too much attention to the lighting. Indeed, it’s the lighting’s job to draw attention to the rest of the room. Sticking with elegant and simplistic shapes such as domes and bells can enhance the space within a room. They also lend themselves well to repetition if you want to experiment with different colours and sizes of the same design. You can enhance your home with modern LED strip lights for a pared down take on minimalism.

Sculptural spheres

Sculptures can seem a little intimidating when placed in a typical suburban home. But if those sculptures also serve a practical purpose, they might feel a little more naturally at home in your living room. Search for floor lamps and table lamps that could stand alone comfortably as their own pieces of art, and they will provide as much beauty during the day as they do during the evening. Better yet, look for a sculptural hanging fixture to dangle above your dining table and you’ll have created a centrepiece for the room.


Gold is one of the few commodities that will never lose value and will always be in fashion. We’re not talking about blasting every lamp in your home with a gold spray though. Gold is at its best when it’s used sparingly. Think satin gold light fixtures with warm wooden accents or traces of gold lining your floor lamps. Keep it cool, modern and classy.

Art deco

The bold art deco look of the 1930s is one that has become oddly timeless but, as with gold accents, it’s a style that’s best used sparingly unless you’re really trying to make a statement. Consider adding a couple of art deco style light fixtures to your living room or dining room to give it a subtle retro aesthetic and emphasise the size and space of your room.

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