Bingo Draws On Modern Culture To Reinvent Itself

Bingo has deep traditions among people of all cultures all over the world. The traditional form of the game is simple: you pay for your bingo card on the door, take your seat and wait for your numbers to be called. If it’s your day, you might get that elusive full house. If not, better luck next time. However, the dynamic of bingo has changed with online operators providing a new experience for users to play different games with special features.

Perhaps more importantly, you don’t have to leave the house to play these games, as they can be accessed on your mobile device or desktop computer. There are a variety of options available for a slingo game or alternatives online, which have low-cost buy-ins and access to top prizes. The industry has changed as a result, creating a new audience for the next generation of bingo players.
Therefore, it has opened up new possibilities for bingo venues to cater to this generation of players. There have been many creative approaches taken across the world, especially in London, where venues have tapped into modern culture, combining elements of bingo with nightlife entertainment.


One such creative idea is an RnB bingo night in Shoreditch. There, bingo players arrive for all the essentials that they love about the game, but with a twist of the best music of the 80s, 90s and 00s. For those people that enjoy RnB and are looking for a night out beyond clubbing, it combines a fun activity with some great music. These musical themes cater for lovers of all genres, with options also available for hip-hop, garage and reggae hits. Venues have recognised the broad appeal of bingo as an event to combine with heading out on the town, and in some cases, have replaced traditional nights out.


There are also options for animal lovers that might not want or be able to leave their dogs at home. Dog-friendly venues are on the rise to ensure that those with canine companions do not miss out on the opportunity, although hopefully the noise is kept to a minimum during the heat of the competition. In London alone, there are many venues offering this service, such as Dabbers Social Bingo, which came to prominence in 2019.

For those people that are looking for wider forms of entertainment, there are bingo shows that are becoming prevalent across the United Kingdom, notably in London. The success of the TV programme RuPaul’s Drag Race has brought drag culture back into the mainstream, and bingo has capitalised on that concept by combining the game with drag shows. That’s A Drag Bingo, which has a regular spot at Brixton Jamm, brings all the elements of a flamboyant drag show with the added touch of bingo.

Using new cultural ideas and blending them with the old has allowed bingo to remain relevant in the modern era, and it is pleasing to see that an old tradition can reinvent itself for the next generation.

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