London’s property investment hotspots for 2022

Discover several promising London areas for potentially favourable property investment in 2022.

As the new year has lifted off, property investors, landlords, and professionals are looking for new opportunities to invest in the evolving real estate market in London.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has significantly affected the property market in the UK, especially in London. Residents started moving out of the city, their life, work, and property priorities changed dramatically.

Despite that, and the current uncertainty combined with increased interest rates, the return to normal seems on the cards. With heated demand and poor supply, the property market in London is set for further recovery and offers various investment opportunities in 2022.

Read on to discover 6 London neighbourhoods with promising market settings.

London’s investment hotspots 2022

Tottenham, North London

Tottenham offers significant room for equity growth. It is especially true when comparing the area to the wider property market. With several ongoing regeneration projects in Tottenham, the district is one of the most promising investment hotspots this year.

Seven Sisters, North London

Seven Sisters is a sub-district in Tottenham, North London. The key feature of this promising area is the affordable London housing nearby many sought-after, lively destinations.

Edmonton, North London

Edmonton is a town in North London in the borough of Enfield. Its superb transport links and regeneration initiatives make this vivid and diverse area a profitable investment hotspot for 2022, especially for the rental yields.

Barking, East London

Barking in East London has long been one of the most desired destinations for living in London. In 2022, a modern Barking still represents a favourable investment opportunity thanks to affordable housing and property market growth. Efficient transport links and regeneration projects are the main drivers of Barking’s growing appeal.

Ilford, East London

Ilford is a town in East London. Taking into account the upcoming Elizabeth Line, the area is now an investment opportunity to closely watch out for. Ilford boasts affordable properties, reliable rental yields, and perfect connections for commuters.

Chadwell Heath, East London

Chadwell Heath in East London boasts affordable housing and a perfect location nearby retail and entertainment hubs. With the soon completion of the Elizabeth Line, Chadwell Heath and its rental yields might be a decent investment opportunity for those considering suburban areas.

Rental yields

Across the 6 above-mentioned investment hotspots for this year, several districts stand out from the others regarding profitability. Chadwell Heath and Edmonton offer investors yields of 5.5%, followed by Ilford and Barking with 5.3%. Tottenham and nearby Seven Sisters come next, with the figures reaching 4.5% and 4.4%, respectively.

When compared to the wider market, these 6 areas are set for future growth and offer decent investment opportunities in 2022. To learn new insights about the real estate market, savvy buyers can read London property news and guides.

Since buying a new property is a vital step, this decision should be well-thought-out and made without any rush.

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