Office Spaces to Rent in Central London: 2022 

With every new year comes the potential for change. Whether it’s a new year’s resolution, a change in careers, or finding the perfect place to start making your business dreams a reality in 2022, there’s a lot to consider before you make your next move.

When it comes to office space, the location of your business is just as important as the name, service, and products you offer. It establishes who you are as a company, and how the general public should perceive you.

So, whether it’s an office space in Bank or shared working spaces in Soho, we’ve compiled some of the best areas with office spaces to rent in Central London. Take a look at our selection and get your 2022 started with a bang!

Liverpool Street

As one of the most commutable areas of London, Liverpool Street has seen a surge in popularity for office space rentals in Central London. The area’s larger development plans have seen some of London’s tallest buildings make their home here, such as The Salesforce Tower.

While there’s a perception that Liverpool Street is pure finance, a lot of innovative new businesses are set up in the area.


As the entertainment hub of Central London, finding an office space in Soho offers you the opportunity to become part of an eclectic mix of retail, hospitality, and business premises.

While Soho’s nightlife is as loud and colourful as ever, the area has developed a strong new business feel as well, evolving into an exciting entrepreneurial hub. Offices in Soho give your business the chance to develop strong new relationships and surround yourself with culture.


Holborn’s central location makes it the perfect place to work in the city. Close to amenities and multiple transport links, there are easy and fast commutes available, or plenty to see and do if you like to stay out a little later after work.

Holborn’s pubs and restaurants combine international cuisines with historic buildings for a post-work drink or two. A healthy mix of independent businesses with big named brands create a thriving pocket of Central London.


Yes, Shoreditch has a reputation for quirky and hip upstart businesses, but there are plenty of brains behind this youthful energy.

While other areas of Central London have taken the majority of the headlines in recent years, Shoreditch has been quietly growing into one of London’s most community-driven business hubs. An ideal starting point for a new tech company with high ambitions.


Just the mention of the word Mayfair conjures up images of luxury and prestige. And it’s a testament to the power of finding the right location for your workspace needs. After all, this is one area of Central London that hosts only the best.

Sitting neatly within the City of Westminster, this is one workplace area that’s strictly for the elite. Professional and wealthy global businesses are abound here, but with such high rental prices, you’d expect nothing less.

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