Best Christmas Gifts for Dads and Father-in-Laws

Christmas is just around the corner and most of us have a list of people to buy for – but not always an idea of what to buy them!  One of the trickier ones to buy for can be dads or fathers-in-law. But don’t worry, we have some great ideas on how to figure out the perfect present for Christmas, large or small.

Clothes presents

If you know what they like and their size, then clothes type presents are always a good bet and you can always go for funny or slightly silly presents if that works for their sense of humour.


Slippers may not be exciting, but we always need them.  One option is to go for really good quality items – UGG may be famous for their boots, but they make men’s and women’s slippers too.  They may not be cheap, but they will last a long time. Alternatively, you could go for funny or silly slippers.  From shark-shaped slippers to ones with a favourite cartoon character on, these can be more budget-friendly and will bring a smile to your Dad’s face every time he sees them.

Leather wallet

This is another traditional gift but there are lots of ways to buy something a little different.  For example, lots of men’s wallets are bulky and awkward but you can now get slimline styles that are ideal for a couple of cards and some cash.  If your dad or father in law travels a lot, this style would be perfect for them.

Hobby presents

If your dad or father in law has a hobby, then this could be a great opportunity to find a really meaningful present – or something fun!

Golf shoes

For the golfer, the right shoes are one of the most important parts of their kit.  There are also lots of fashionable golf shoes that have all the best features and really work on the course.  If you know Dad is a golfer and can sneak a look at his shoe size, then this would be an amazing present. Look for shoes that come from a well-known make if you aren’t into golf yourself.  Make sure they are waterproof, breathable and also have good grip without spikes – this is important for that golf swing and not falling on your backside!

Digital tape measure

If your dad is a DIY fan, then he will almost always have a tape measure to hand.  But there’s an upgrade available that could be a brilliant Christmas gift – a digital tape measure.  This still has the familiar measuring system but rather than trying to spot the numbers on the tape at some weird angle, this device shows the measurement on a digital display at the top of the unit.  This can even stop a lot of arguments in the house when those new shelving units don’t fit because someone measured them wrong…

Tech gifts

For lots of dads and fathers-in-law, tech gifts are a safe bet.  Whether they are into music, love their camera or are fans of the latest smartphone, there are loads of gifts to select from and some unusual items you can add to the list.

Portable speakers

Connecting via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet, these clever speakers can be taken anywhere.  So, in the summer, enjoy music in the garden while using them in any room of the house during the winter.  There are various brands offering these from big-budget names like Bose and Beats to smaller budget items that still offer a really great sound.  Plus, with some models, they can even connect to things like the TV for extra ways to use them.

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