American Football Continues to Grow in UK as London Games 2020 Tickets Go on Sale

The NFL’s 2019 London Games are in the books with four fixtures played by eight of the gridiron league’s top teams. London has now officially hosted 28 NFL games with the first occurring in 2007. The North American sports league has already opened registration for fans to book tickets for next season’s games although only one team has been confirmed as participating. Gridiron fans are anticipating the NFL playoffs, which are just around the corner. Fans can visit Gala to get the latest odds on the race for the playoffs and wager on the teams they believe will when each fixture.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been confirmed for the latest 2020 edition of the NFL London Games. Of the league’s 32 teams, 31 have now played in London at least once. The growth of gridiron football has been incredible in the United Kingdom. The days of the World Football League are long gone and the difficulties the NFL faced trying to get a foothold in Europe have eased. The UK has become a priority for the NFL to achieve growth and so far, it has worked.

Growth in the UK

The NFL’s attendance has grown significantly over the last 12 years in the UK. Live attendances have gone through the roof with 2017’s games combining to draw more 300,000 people. One of the reasons attendance shot up was due to the number of games being increased. NFL London Games may be over, but fans can visit Ladbrokes UK or download one of the NY mobile sports betting apps to wager on the upcoming NFL playoffs and the team they believe will go all the way to the Super Bowl.

The increase in games alone shows the demand for the NFL has grown. Sky Sports coverage of the league has boosted interest as well as fans can tune into Sky Sports Mix to watch the extremely addictive NFL RedZone show that bounces around to every live game to show the most exciting moments (why the Premier League doesn’t have something similar is mind-blowing).

London NFL Team

The success of the NFL in London has increased rumours that the league will introduce an expansion team to the city. Several teams including the Los Angeles Chargers and the Buffalo Bills have had rumblings of possible relocation, which could put a team in the Big Smoke.

The Toronto Wolfpack Rugby League club is proof an NFL team can work in London. Although the Wolfpack have experienced some financial difficulties, the deep pockets of the NFL would mean little financial trouble would be felt by a potential team.

The Chargers appear to be the biggest possibility of any team to relocate to London. The franchise recently moved from San Diego to LA and have been unable to lure in a fanbase in the City of Angels. Plenty of speculation has centred around the team going to London.

The UK is a growing NFL hotbed and it may not be long until a team pops up in Europe. For now, fans will have to do with a few games a season played in London.

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