Wilby – The Vegan Clutch Bag Range

The perception of vegan products by the conglomerate haven’t changed for many years and it can be unfortunate. When some of us hear the word vegan the images that it conjures can be slightly derisive, such as pizzas with replacement cheese, sandals and some of us are still on the bearded tree-hugging stereotype. But if you look at the various curvy and scantily-clad models promoting the cause, you can tell you are being misled.

The truth is things are starting to become really sexy in the vegan world and it is no more clearly seen than with the vegan clutch bag range, Wilby. Conceived in Chelsea and certified by the vegetarian society, the bags are sleek, current and ooze sex appeal and unlike some of the more established vegan bag ranges such as Stella McCartney, they are at a more accessible price range. The Arda double zipped clutch is sublime and in our opinion is one of the best clutch bag releases in any market this season.

When looking at the models on the website and its positioning, the Chelsea attitude is at the brands core but being esoteric is far from their aim. Their aim is to promote ethical values in good fashion for all; meat free and sustainable materials and all the bags are created and made in the UK promoting local fashion talents. Wilby have stated that ‘this brand is for people who want to be fashionable but struggle with the leather market due to vegan values or environmental beliefs’

Their Bag4Tree campaign is also brilliant; they plant a tree in dilapidated South American forests for every bag sold thus doing their bit for nature and CO2.

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www.wilbyclutch.com; @WilbyClutch; Facebook.com/WilbyClutch

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