Fleur b. creates every-day-elegance designed, made and sold in England

If you are like me then you appreciate how important it is to support brands that are designed, made and sold in England. And if you are looking to bring a bit of every-day-elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe, then Fleur b. might be an interesting brand to explore.

The Fleur b. label was launched by Fleur Bird in 2011 and has developed at an impressive rate over the last two years. You can browse the range online or in one of their two fabulous London boutiques situated on picturesque Chelsea Green or on up-and-coming Duke Street.

Fleur b. mixes simple styles and beautiful fabrics to create elegant classic pieces that will last for years in your wardrobe, made from luscious silks, silk wool mixes and butter soft leathers.

fleur b 1

Their new Autumn/Winter 13 collection is a gorgeous mix of icy winter blues and pink silk vests complemented by splashes of deep navy and bold purples. The brand is made unique by the hand painted prints which are all designed in their in-house studio. This gives the stores a contemporary twist as you can watch the new range being created whilst shopping in a relaxed and friendly environment. It makes them a great contributor to supporting British manufacturing which is something I love and strongly believe we should all help to maintain! The boutiques also have to offer a marvelous selection of hand-picked designer brands that complement their own brand perfectly.

fleurb 3fleurb 2

Fleur b. is definitely one to watch as they have lots of exciting plans lined up for the year to come, with hopes of going wholesale in the USA as well as expanding the brand in London. The newest exciting thing coming from the Fleur b. label – they are bringing in a collection of hand-painted screen print model and cashmere blend scarves, which feel wonderfully soft and warm while brightening up your winter wardrobe with their colourful feather prints.

fleurb 4

I recently bought one of their silk vests and statement Foundation jackets, which I love and get so much wear out of! I find them perfect for the office or after-work drinks, as they are super comfy and flattering as well as timeless chic additions to my wardrobe.

So a little treat for you dedicated readers, the lovely ladies of Fleur b. have kindly arranged a promotional code for 20 per cent off in store or online. Just use the code WEST20 and enjoy luxury pieces at a great price.


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