Wearable art from Rampley & Co

How would you like to wear a piece of Turner or Canaletto? Or perhaps an Audubon ornithological sketch is more your style… or a pattern of historic rifles.

Rampley & Co shrugs off the reputation men’s clothing has for being stolid and dull to bring you inspired collections in partnership with some of the biggest institutions and museums in the world.


From the striking patterns of their collaboration with the V&A, to the dramatic, saturated colours of the Fine Art Collection alongside the Tate, to the historic aerial city views from DC’s Library of Congress, Rampley’s hand rolled 100% silk pocket squares are each pieces of art in themselves, telling a story not only about their subject-matter but about their wearer.

The first Rampley & Co pocket square collection—partnering with the Tate—launched in December 2014 and what we love is that they are a subtle addition to a jacket that can completely transform the overall look of an outfit. They can instantly smarten a casual look, while every fold and colour combination means an alternative way to present a single jacket or suit. Further collaborations with The National Gallery, British Museum, Wallace Collection, Museum of London and Library of Congress, amongst others, have followed.

Black Lapel Marketing Shot

As Rampley & Co explain about the creation process at the National Gallery, “The paintings had to first and foremost suit the medium on which they were to be presented and so we slowly identified those we wanted, based on colour blends and the ability to work within a square crop. We then designed unique borders for each square, each inspired by the painting it was chosen to go with and utilising individual details seen in the work such as the detailing on an arch or the colouring of a piece of clothing.

“Once designs were finalised we worked with their expert colourist to ensure that the sampling process gave us the closest possible match to the original painting before
producing our finished product. This is a difficult task when printing complicated images with multiple colour blends onto silk, but fully worth it.”


Since then the brand has branched out into further men’s accessories, creating socks, ties and braces that bring an outfit alive with subtle insertions of colour and style.

Born out of a passion for elegant, well-designed men’s accessories, Rampley & Co‘s range, made with the best available fabrics, innovative collaborations and quality craftsmanship—the pocket squares are printed in Macclesfield, famous for English textiles for over 300 years—is a uniquely beautiful way to transform your look.

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