Perfect pinafores: How and when to wear

Pinafores have come into their own this year, as we wear them everywhere from work to first dates. They’re comfortable, cute and can be paired with a wide variety of tops and jackets to create different looks—they’re the ultimate versatile piece. But if you haven’t yet picked one up, then here’s how and when to wear your next favourite addition to your wardrobe:

For the office

How: Checks with a high neck jumper

Channel Cher Horowitz with a cute check pinafore and a comfy high neck jumper for true office chic. Fashion site Blue Vanilla has a range of pastel coloured pinafores to choose from, and you can finish off the look with glossy hair, ankle socks and some Mary Jane shoes.

For weekends spent brunching

How: Denim with a baggy t-shirt and trainers

A denim pinafore is perfect for weekends spent with friends, browsing the high street and stopping off for some pancakes in your favourite brunch place. Pair your pinafore with a comfy oversized t-shirt, some thick tights if it’s chilly and your favourite pair of canvas trainers—it’s the perfect way to achieve a casual chic look.

For the plane

How: Corduroy with a plain t-shirt and a baggy cardigan

You need to feel comfortable while flying 30,000 feet up in the air in a metal bird, which is where the pinafore comes in. Wear yours over a basic t-shirt and throw on an oversized cardigan over the top, finishing off with some thick tights or knee high socks and some comfy flats. If you really want to nail that celeb style ‘airport chic’ then an oversized pair of sunnies is also essential.

For that job interview

How: Plain with a collared shirt and ankle boots

There’s no need to pull out the trouser suit for that next job interview, a pinafore allows you to show off your style and look smart. Pair a plain coloured pinafore (avoid denim, even if it is black) and wear this with a collared shirt underneath—ensure the shirt is structured but feel free to play with prints if you feel like showing off your style. Finish off with heels and tights or a simple pair of flats if you aren’t one for tottering around.

For a night out

How: Black denim with a bandeau or crop top

Yep, pinafores even work for nights out. Simply wear yours over a crop top for a casual but stylish nighttime look, leave legs bare and elongate them with a pair of heels. Throw a leather jacket over your shoulders—of course, in the world of fashion this is referred to as draping—for when you’re moving between bars.

It’s time to go out now and pick up a couple of pinafores to work into your everyday looks and for those special occasions. Take some inspiration from these style guides and embrace that almost ‘dungaree chic’ look. ​

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