Father’s Day gift guide

What do you love most about your dad? Mine (still Daddy, which I’m aware is a blow to my street cred) encouraged me to study Latin, listen to Classical music and stay up into the small hours, drinking wine and discussing politics. He took us on amazing holidays, chucking me and my siblings about in the sea, teaching us to ski (no boring ski school with irritating French kids for us), windsurf and water-ski. We went foraging for wild mushrooms, sailing around Greek islands and climbing in the Lake District. Big, strong, clever, adventurous Daddy. Whatever it is that makes your father—or the father of your children—special to you, let him know next Sunday.

Brora cashmere, from £279


It’s difficult to go wrong with cashmere (particularly given the charming vagaries of our climate)—and Brora does some of the best around, in gorgeously muted man colours. Here at WLL we’re particularly taken with the two-tone birdseye jumper in indigo and dove (£309), and oh-so-snuggly polo shirt in ash (£279), each guaranteed to please papa—whatever his vintage.

BRORA Liberty Print Shirt -ú115

For those rare days when the sun deigns to shine, the Liberty print shirt in Indigo Waves (£115) is both classic and contemporary.

Things we love about Daddy print, £8.95, Not on the High Street


Sweetly personalised present that’s sure to elicit a soppy grin if done on behalf of small children.

Mr Burberry, £60


Burberry’s latest scent is ‘inspired by both the iconic black trench coat and by London—a city of great contrasts. Traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine’.

One for the urbanely schizophrenic father of your children (you lucky thing, you). The bottle looks cool and it smells fab, all warm and woody, with zesty top notes of grapefruit.

Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, £50


Well now we’re talking. If your father’s anything like mine, he’ll be just dying to share this award-winning cognac with you immediately post-lunch on Sunday 19th. Not so great for Monday productivity, but bloody brilliant for Daddy/daughter bonding, and seriously delicious, rich and smooth, with notes of plum, fig, toffee and toast.

Beard & Moustache Management, £6.95

maintian your mane

Fun, affordable book for hipster dads, subtitled ‘a whimsical guide to facial hair’—which might just show him the error of his ways.

Simulated horn shaving set, £149, and Extract of Limes soft shaving cream, £17, GF Trumper

shaving father's day


For the more traditional paterfamilias—or possibly a new father who would like to become one. Supplement with divinely old-fashioned Extract of Limes soft shaving cream for the ultimate in smooth-chinned nostalgia.

June British Isles Cheese Board, £55, La Fromagerie


Give foodie dads a real treat with this sumptuous selection of British cheeses, which includes Tor, from Somerset, a rich, deliciously creamy ash-coated pyramid; Winslade, a union of Mont d’Or and Camembert; Winchester, a nutty, toasted hard cheese like an aged Gouda; buttery new season wheels of Durrus; and Crozier Blue, which oozes sweet malty notes, with a peppery kick on the finish.

First edition by his favourite author, any bookshop in Cecil Court, London WC2

First edition

Can be a little pricey, but nothing really shows you’ve gone out on a limb to please Daddy like one of these babies. Yes, that expensive education was worth it.

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