Minimalist Natural Scandinavian Style

Are you looking for ideas to innovate your home? You can get inspiration from Scandinavian style, which stands out for its natural, unobtrusive and functional design and is at the forefront of comfort.

Have you ever thought about what lies beneath the happy and comfortable Scandinavian lifestyle? Simplicity. And bear in mind: what is simple is always functional. Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which are lacking in winter sunlight, prefer neutral colours like white, beige, light blue and natural wood shades thanks to their ability to reduce the effect of long winter months. They not only bring more light into the house but also reflect simplicity and nature.

However, applying that simplicity may not always be as easy as it seems. And believe me, there is more to this iconic style than the blue and yellow buildings of Ikea. The minimalist movement of Scandinavia was not fully recognised until after the 1950s, but today, there are a multitude of designers offering unique designs. So, if you want to be inspired by the philosophy which emphasises functionality and sophistication while decorating your home, here are a few recommendations you can take into consideration:

A View of Minimalism

“Is there a potential place in this room for more of this?”—‘No’ is the minimalist answer. The less there is, the better. Reducing things down to the basics and eliminating the unnecessary (believe me, you have unnecessary stuff) can create magic for your sanity. Plus, everything will look much more clean and sophisticated.

You can start with cleaning all surfaces of clutter. Look around. Do you see car keys, junk mail or random objects? It is time to get rid of them. Decide on the ‘essentials’ and organise everything according to your needs. The dining table comes right after, followed by your kitchen drawers, closets and cupboards. It is officially the time to clear your life of unused items—hire a skip if necessary and get all that clutter gone!

The Finnish Design Shop provides some chic but minimalist table setting ideas. They have graphic yet calm arrangements fit for those wooed by the Nordic spirit: calm and serene.



The Power of Neutral Colours, Wood Floors and Textures

I remember going to my friend’s house in Stockholm and admiring the all-white wooden floors and walls. Since then I have been a strong believer in the power of white. Whether it is pale blue, grey, white or cream, a neutral colour palette is at the heart of a Scandinavian design. The colour palette is in fact a trademark of this style, usually featuring grey or white monochromatic walls. The simplicity of those colours gives you peace of mind, calmness and cosiness.

While this may sound too cold or boring for some, you always have the option to add some texture to it. Get your hands on some patterned throws and pillows, fluffy carpets or lanterns that can make your living room feel much warmer. Bronte Copenhagen has a nice selection of decorations every season to turn the temperature up. Feel free to go wild, but not too much!

The Finnish Design Shop

Lanterns and Wooden Chairs

When it comes to Scandinavian decor, wooden chairs and lanterns are a must. You would instantly recognise a copper or a paper lantern and a wooden chair with a blanket on it as the epitome of Nordic style.

Again, these homes are meant to be open, airy and comfortable to allow easy-living. And wooden chairs and lanterns are essential in a minimalist design.


Karel Balas for Milk Magazine


Home Click, Small 4 Light Lantern Pendant

Large Windows and Natural Plants

Scandinavians are big lovers of nature. But cold days do not always let them enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. That’s why they try to bring nature indoors as much as possible. Their interiors usually reflect various natural plants or furniture that imitates wood to create a cosy atmosphere that makes you feel you are in the middle of nature.

Light is one of the most essential things in a Nordic home, so another common sight is large windows, to take advantage of up to 60 days of ‘Polar Nights’. However, they also have very long summer days when the sun remains in the sky until midnight. So, what better way to get the most of it than large windows? This is the exact reason why floor to ceiling windows are very popular. You may want to reconsider the design of windows and lighting in your home!


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