The Modern Ponytail

Sam Burnett, Founder and Creative Director of Hare & Bone salon talks through the inspiration of his latest campaign and how you can get the look at home, “I wanted to create a collection championing the ponytail through experimental techniques, wearable texture and adaptable, defined partings.”


Get the look:

STEP 1: prep hair with the KMS ADD VOLUME WAVE FOAM and blow-dry hair to the crown using a strong natural bristle brush.

STEP 2: using an elastic hair grip pull the hair into a high pony and secure around the crown of the head.

STEP 3: section the ponytail into three segments and twist a hat elastic around the hair from the mid lengths to ends.

STEP 4: control fly-away’s by spritzing KMS WORKING SPRAY directly on to the hairline, smoothing back towards the ponytail base with the palm of your hands.


Get the look:

STEP 1: apply KMS ADD VOLUME WAVE FOAM to the roots and mid lengths and blow-dry hair back to the nape of the neck.

STEP 2: take a diamond shaped section of hair from the front hairline to the nape of the neck, clip out of the way.

STEP 3: with the remaining hair and following along the head shape, brush hair on the sides back into a low ponytail. Then secure with an elastic.

STEP 4: reverse braid the diamond section to lay over the pony and secure into place with an elastic.

Hare and Bone, 69 Great Titchfield St, London, W1W;

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