Four Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

So spring has sprung and thanks to our dismally long winter, you may not have had a chance to sort out your wardrobe for those warmer and brighter days soon at hand.

Nevertheless, both the catwalks and the high streets have been bursting with colour and energy, making it look like Spring/Summer 2013 will be an immensely vibrant and exciting period for British fashion. As Ingrid Hass from Vogue explains: “structure and simplicity are the two watchwords for Spring/Summer” so look out for bold shapes and colours. I have chosen four choice trends below that will brighten up even the tamest of wardrobes…

  1. Choose Your Checkers


    Strikingly bold and undeniably playful, checkered dresses and two-pieces are this year’s pattern of choice. Louis Vuitton led from the front with stylishly structured gold, monochrome, and bright yellow patterns. You might have seen Kirsten Dunst already sporting this vibrant and eye-catching trend in the Art of Elysium’s 6th Annual Heaven Gala; Louis Vuitton’s design shows off exquisitely delicate shoulders and an open back to give it a modern edge. Dunst certainly pulls off the copper and white, but you can experiment with more wearable combinations to complement existing outfits.


  2. Retro Swimwear


    While Mad Men has inspired a plethora of sharp suits and crisp ties in the world of men’s fashion, it has also brought on a wave of fun and creative fifties and sixties chic back in to women’s style, which makes for some really fun additions to your wardrobe. As Rowan mentioned in her article on January’s fashion, it really is a year for bold and bright colours and that’s what the mid-20th century was all about.


    This Exotic Parrot Swimsuit from Playful Promises is a perfect example of this look and really stays true to the original ’50s style, with a central hook fastening at the front and comfortable padded cups to support and enhance the flattering hourglass shape so abundant in that era. For an evening look, I’m quite keen to try this as a top with a pair of jeans and heels as I really like the bright playful colours that suit this season – just need the weather to warm up a bit first!

  3. Bespoke Bomber Jackets


    Yep you heard me right – bomber jackets are in. In a big way. In the recent deluge of shows we’ve had this spring, literally everyone from Stella McCartney to Chanel sported some version of this ’80s classic. The rule is simple: make them fresh and unique. For a start, you could try something like this quilted bomber from ASOS that I simply love, and then try adding your own style to it with small silver brooches or textile prints.


  4. Peekaboo Pieces


    The sexiest trend of spring and summer is, by far, the peekaboo pieces that were so elegantly displayed by Bottega Veneta recently in Vogue (as above). Selective modesty is the key to pulling off this look without being recruited for the next series of TOWIE, so only reveal what you’re comfortable revealing.

    As stated in February’s Vogue: “this spring you’ll have zero problem finding something sexy to wear: Daring cutouts, midriff-baring separates, up-to-there splits, and sheer fabrics were all over the runway.” This certainly gives you some risqué options at the office summer party and the wonderful thing is that there are peekaboo options for every body shape and style.


    So whether you embrace all four trends or just choose one that matches your look, make sure that you’re weaving structure and simplicity throughout the whole outfit and including bold bright colours. But most of all, enjoy spring and summer!

    Images thanks to: Vogue, MyDaily, ASOS & Playful Promises.

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