Gorgeous & Unique Designer Lingerie

Designer lingerie is fast becoming an exciting and abundant addition to most women’s wardrobes, the range of choice and style is truly amazing and the focus has substantially shifted from a male-centric design to a focus on comfort and empowerment.

So whether you’re a connoisseur of fine lingerie, or you’ve only ever bought your bras from M&S, you can’t ignore the fact that designer lingerie is a fantastic way to mix up your wardrobe and treat yourself to something just for you (and perhaps your partner). Below, I have discussed four gorgeous lingerie sets which give you an idea of the more unique options available.

Bopeeps London: The Butterfly Sets

After launching in 2006, Bopeeps has risen in popularity, as their signature stretch lace pieces combine gorgeous designs with an extremely comfortable fit. Anyone who’s ever worn French knickers knows how much nicer they feel than thongs or briefs and the bijoux styling of the Butterfly Set is a perfect example of this sexy comfort.

Their look is particularly vintage and harks back to the 1930s/’40s lingerie design, in which women were first being liberated from starchy and restrictive ‘undergarments’ and could begin to feel empowered and feminine without fear of scorn. The Butterfly sets are particularly evocative of this era and really stand out against most contemporary lingerie; these sets come in a range of colours which has recently been galvanised with their brand new Shades of a Mermaid range, featured below.

  1. Clover Green: Shades of a Mermaid
    clover green 1

    The Clover Green Butterfly Set is one of the most unique looking sets I have ever seen – this shade of green is just spectacular and so different from the reds, blacks and whites that are ubiquitous on the market. The Clover tone really evokes the title theme of Mermaids and with a sweetheart neckline and scalloped edges, it all feels rather nautical and fun. The whole Butterfly set has been designed to support and flatter your natural shape while retaining a sensual sophistication, and in my view they’ve succeeded and I can’t wait for my set to arrive.

    clover green 2

  2. Atlantic Blue: Shades of a Mermaid

    atlantic blue 1

    The second new colour in the range is the striking Atlantic Blue Butterfly Set, which looks so good on tanned skin and is really something I want to bring with me on holiday this year (the only way I’m getting any sun this year!). As with its greener cousin, it is fun and comfortable but retains a feminine edge of delicacy and excitement that really looks special and sexy.

    atlantic blue 2

  3. Madame Liberty: Magic Feather
    magic feather 1

    I first came across Madame Liberty’s boutique-style website earlier this year when I was looking for something a little more special to try. I really like their range because it offers quite a bit of variety when it comes to colour and shape, plus the materials they use include beautiful little details, like Swarovski crystals and fine embroidery, which all have massive babe appeal.

    The Magic Feather Set is perhaps my personal favourite because it looks so elegant and fits nicely around the body. The silver and pink embroidery delicately evokes the wings of beautiful song birds and really gives the set a sensual and feminine look. The padded bra provides comfortable support while the briefs fit snugly on the hips.

    magic feather 2

  4. Madame Liberty: Spice Bazaar Sets
    spice bazaar 1

    Conversely, the Spice Bazaar thong and bra set provides a darker and perhaps more sultry sexiness, while retaining the same sophistication as other Madame Liberty sets. The Spice Bazaar feels extremely femme fatale and adds a subtly risqué flavour to your wardrobe. The naughtily-translucent lace areas are inspired by classical Persian designs and contain exquisite embroidery with metallic copper highlights that catch the light wonderfully. The satin finishing feels smooth and comfortable on your skin while the contrast of the jet-black and copper looks stylish and chic.spice bazaar 2

    I would highly recommend treating yourself to some designer lingerie at least once, whether it’s to surprise your partner and mix things up at home, or purely for yourself to feel sexier and more confident. It’s nice to just splash out once in a while so that you can look and feel gorgeous from the bottom up.

    www.bopeeps.com; www.madameliberty.com

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