Art-Atelier Online Art Classes for Children Aged 8-13

Art-Atelier have been running artist-led experimental and structured art classes and holiday workshops from their studio in Wandsworth for over 25 years. Their aim is to inspire their students with a love for art that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Art-Atelier are acutely aware of the many changes we are facing in the way that children will now have to adapt to new ways of learning. In view of this, they are adapting their natural way of teaching, whilst preserving their usual hands-on approach as much as possible.

They have created a weekly email newsletter, which will include an exciting creative project, that can be completed in a sketchbook or on separate paper. The assignments are designed to be easy to do at home. Each week, participants will be sent ideas and instructions, and a list of suggested materials.

Art-Atelier believes drawing skills are fundamental for artistic expression, therefore many of the exercises include aspects of drawing and observation even if the work is created in another medium.

“We want to encourage children to think imaginatively of ways they can develop these topics further. We are giving ideas to inspire rather than to dictate. Fundamentally, we want to encourage a passion in all creative pursuits.”

To make the online classes more personal, children can email one or two pieces of work they have done at the end of each week. Tutors will then respond with comments and suggestions. They will also select pictures every week to go onto their Instagram page.

The format

A 12 week course based around one project. This can be started at any time, there is no specific start date. Once a student enrols, they will begin to receive the weekly newsletter. Each newsletter is sent by email and includes step-by-step guides, pictures, and examples, clearly laid out and easy to do at home. (It is also possible to start with just 4 classes initially instead of committing to 12 at the beginning.)


£96 for 12 week Course @ £8.00 per class

£40 for 4 weeks @10.00 per class (if you decide to continue with the full course, £64 for remaining 8 classes @ £8.00 per class)

Payable via Paypal

For more information and to enrol visit: www.art-atelier.co.uk/teaching or email artatelierteaching@gmail.com

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