Animal Movement Classes

Online; Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 12.15pm; Various times; £8 or pay-what-you-can

Animal Movement brings us back to our roots and how our bodies are meant to move and function in real life. It is a new and unique style of continuous combos and flows, taught in a systematic and progressive way.

Animal Movement is a wonderful training system that improves mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, power, endurance, agility and coordination, through playful, fun and mindful movement using only our bodyweight.

It will help beginners to connect to their body through mindful, complex movement; and it will help more experienced athletes to fill in the gaps of conventional strength training.

The goal of this class is to help you unlock your body’s potential and experience a functional, pain-free and balanced life through a positive and progressive approach to movement and exercise. It aims to contribute as much as possible to your awareness and understanding of your body. You will explore ways to connect with your muscles through isolation and activation exercises that will improve your body awareness and thus, the effectiveness of your training. This way you will gain knowledge you can apply in your everyday life and movements.

Your workouts will incorporate joint mobility drills and natural movement flows, aiming to re-establish the full range of motion of your joints, preparing them to accept the workload that will follow in your workout and eliminating the risk of injury.

Isidora’s main concern is to help you love the process, not the result. Together you will try to shift your intentions into a positive mindset about movement that doesn’t go along with self-judging or image-centred stereotypes.

Together you can see training as a time to play, experiment and get challenged!

There is no fitness pre-requisite, although you should be able to comfortably support your own bodyweight while on all fours.

For more info connect with Isidora on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllAboutYou.I.V/

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