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Adelphi Melbourne

Chris Heasman waxes lyrical about the Adelphi Melbourne's sensational design and 'must-visit' restaurant Om Nom

The Credentials:

Sensation is at the crux of the Adelphi’s ethos. Contained within an otherwise unremarkable building in central Melbourne is a feast of colour, comfort and taste, reminiscent (and worthy of) the most iconic bars, restaurants and hotels in Miami during its golden age. The building was converted from a warehouse into a hotel during the late 80s, which was then placed under new management and redesigned in 2013.

It is a self-proclaimed ‘dessert hotel’—a label that you’d be forgiven for thinking is no more than a particularly strange non-sequitur, until you step inside. Sensation: from the pastel colouring of the interior design to the pieces of artwork scattered liberally around the entire hotel to the swinging chairs in the hotel’s restaurant (which is located literally right in the lobby) and even the aromas originating from that restaurant’s kitchen, everything in the Adelphi is designed to stimulate. Even the design of the chairs is based off that of liquorice allsorts.

The Adelphi has 34 rooms available, including a handful of suites, and is topped by a rooftop pool deck and bar.


This is the Adelphi’s ace in the hole. The wonderfully-named Om Nom is the hotel’s restaurant, and is located in the same room that also constitutes the lobby and waiting area. It is intimate yet comfortable, and adorned with the same design as the rest of the hotel. Om Nom’s speciality is that of head chef Christy Tania: desserts. The sharing dishes that constitute what, in other restaurants, would be a main course, are here starters, and the main event, the restaurant’s stunning selection of equally-stunning desserts, are worth the room price alone.

Om Nom is the hotel’s proudest feature, and it’d be a crime to miss out on it. Bookings can be made alongside room reservations on their website, and the restaurant serves breakfast (from 7am—midday), lunch (until 12:30pm) and dinner (from 6pm) every day.


More colour, more comfort, more taste. The design of the rooms continues naturally from that of the rest of the hotel—they are sleek, simple and spacious, with the smallest at 377 sq ft, extending up to 1,076 sq ft for the largest suite. Amenities are plentiful, including complimentary Wi-Fi, an iHome docking station for your phone or tablet, a coffee machine and a 40” TV. Oh, and the Adelphi might also be the first hotel in the history of mankind to ever offer a completely free minibar.

Just don’t go expecting expansive views over Melbourne—the Adelphi’s location down a side street means that you’re going to be faced with a pretty restrictive window view.

Who goes there?

Young-ish, hip types who seem to be at least a little bit familiar with Melbourne—many of whom seemed to be Australian. And also people who like desserts. ​

Out & about:

Flinders Lane, where the hotel is located, sits right opposite the South Bank of the Yarra River, and the hotel is surrounded by a wealth of shops, bars and restaurants. Many of the city’s main attractions, including the zoo and whichever museums anyone might be interested in, are located just north of the hotel. St. Kilda is a relatively short tram journey away for beach-lovers, whilst the interminably cool neighbourhood of Brunswick is 20–30 minutes away via tram for those looking for something a little bit edgier. Reaching all of these places is, thanks to Melbourne’s rather fine tram system, a total doddle.

The worst thing:

The views from the rooms, probably, but there’s not a lot you can do about that considering the hotel’s location. Remedy the issue by checking out the pool terrace and upstairs bars.

The best thing:

Om Nom. It’s probably fair to say that the Adelphi’s restaurant isn’t just a must-visit for patrons of the hotel, but is also a must-visit for anybody visiting Melbourne.

The details:

Rooms start from $265 for a Comfy King, extending up to $545 for the Palatial Suite.

Adelphi Melbourne, 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia; +61 (3) 8080 8888; www.adelphi.com.au