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2 Northdown & Camden Comedy Club

Kate-Lois Elliott: How to Belong Without Joining a Cult; 2Northdown & Camden Comedy Club; 3rd June & 13th July 2024; from £8

With Edinburgh Fringe just around the corner, London is yet again packed to the brim with previews from up-and-coming comedians! Read more →
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Seaham Hall

The Credentials The journey to Seaham Hall is not an easy one when you’re travelling from West London, especially when your car breaks down on the M1… After a 9...
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Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa

The Credentials Originating in the 13th Century as a lonely chapel on the West Sussex coast, then the holding of a French abbey (looked over by bailiffs, hence the name),...
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The Chelsea Pig

What They Say Tucked away on the quiet corner of Old Church Street and Paultons Street, whilst being just a stone’s throw from the bustling King’s Road, The Chelsea Pig...
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The K West Spa, Shepherd’s Bush

The Blurb Situated in the heart of Shepherd’s Bush, a mere stroll from the entrance to Westfield Shopping Centre (and yet so serene that you’d have no idea the busy...
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Actress & Comedian Juliet Cowan

Do you live or work in west London? I live in west London. All my children were educated here. I consider it my home. My favourite thing about the area...
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