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Harold Sanditen

Harold Sanditen

You were born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What brought you to Notting Hill?

I moved here temporarily with my then partner, a Canadian theatre producer in 1987 and moved here permanently in 1999 with my current partner of 20 years. I … Read more →

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Harold Tillman

Harold Tillman

What are you up to at the moment?

Trying to manage my diary between overseas travel, social events and business.

How would you describe your personal style?

Respectful to whatever I am doing, wherever I am, be it a business … Read more →

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'A good spot for replenishment then, and all the better for the absence of Mick’s expletives'

Portobello House

Open daily 11am–midnight

The style & the crowd:

Once upon a time Portobello House used to be the Earl Percy, a pub for old blokes with sectioned-off snugs, between which were little doors that were only good for midgets. A … Read more →

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