West London Girl

The Times They Are a-Changin’


Our big life changes happen while we’re waiting

It’s funny how flexible time can be. I’ve previously blogged about how time slows during new and unique experiences as well as in times of stress. If you’ve ever been in a car crash (when the male driver has been showing off, in my case) you’ll have experienced life in slow motion.

It’s also strange how our big life changes happen while we’re waiting. Our flight might be delayed when we move countries; our first day in a new job is spent doing admin; our relationships require waiting.

I’m waiting to see what life in London will be like after a few years away. I left London when its population was 7.3 million (now 8.6 million), we all had a Blackberry (and thought they were addictive) and we could meet a future partner on a commute. Pre Tinder, pre Uber and pre selfie sticks.

The times they are a-changin’ though (as Bob Dylan said in the ’60s). I’ve returned to a Harrods that caters solely for rich Saudis; a west London devoid of numerous old friends, who have either moved south or left London completely; and the death of nightclub culture (let’s not even mention Brexit). I’ve also returned to a restaurant, theatre and men’s fashion scene that is the world’s envy.

‘How are you settling into London?,’ an Amsterdam-based friend texted.
‘London is tough but it’s addictive,’ I replied. ‘I feel like I’m really living again.’

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