My West London Life

Philip Hanson


We caught up with Philip Hanson, the 21 year old sports-car racing prodigy

Do you live or work in west London?

I live in Chelsea.

What’s your favourite thing about the area?

I love how local everything feels, restaurants and cafes are all within short walking distances. A Saturday market in the Duke of York Square helps establish a relaxed environment in a city that can be so chaotic.

How did you get into racing?

I got into racing the same way most people start nowadays, karting. I started by taking part in the monthly races at my local go-kart track. I then wanted to take the sport a little more seriously so contacted a kart team and began to climb the ranks in UK karting. Although I was racing karts at 14 it is considered an old age to enter karting with most kids starting off at 8-10 years old.

You’re only twenty and yet the first driver to win the FIA World Endurance Championship, European Le Mans Series and the Le Mans 24 Hours all in the same year. Any career highlights so far?

My Le Mans Win last year.

It’s a physically demanding job, how do you look after your body when you’re not working?

Like most sports, the higher you progress the more you search for marginal gains. In the case of fitness, it is part of the job to make sure I am physically prepared for the season. I have an ever-evolving program that my trainer and I adapt throughout the year to align with my needs. Aside of the fitness, I don’t follow a diet plan as I am lucky that I have a healthy diet in the first place, however I do watch what goes into my body.

How has your industry changed since the events of 2020?

I think like most industries we have evolved with the times and adapted to meet the current circumstances. Like most sports we stopped during the first major lockdowns and when motorsport restarted the events were held without fans or behind closed doors so to speak. Team personnel were frequently tested for Covid and before and after each event, and with all of last year’s races taking place outside of the UK quarantine exceptions upon negative test results were given. In the paddock we had social distancing measures and masks were warn indoors and outdoors to prevent the spread and to allow the race to go on if someone contracted the virus.

What are your goals for the future?

To win Le Mans in the top class whatever that may be in the coming years.



Domenique Fragale


We chat to actress and producer, Domenique Fragale, about her role in HBO's new show, The Nevers

Do you live or work in west London?

I lived in Chiswick whilst I filmed the first part of The Nevers, which was filmed mainly in west London. I also attended Drama School in Chiswick, at Arts Ed London.

What’s your favourite thing about the area?

I love how green it can be! The parks are a welcome part… Read more →

Poppy Jamie


Kate-Lois Elliott caught up with Poppy Jamie, founder of the award-winning Happy Not Perfect app, and debut author!

Do you live or work in west London?

I live in west London

What’s your favourite thing about the area?

Well at this time of year, I love the blossom trees. Nothing makes me feel happier than walking down the beautiful streets of west London with all the blossom trees flowering.

Describe your perfect day and

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