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Ushvani Day Spa

The Blurb

Ushvani, London’s most luxurious day spa (and now voted the UK’s Best Day Spa by both Tatler and Condé Nast Traveller) is an oasis of tranquillity situated in the heart of Chelsea. The Ushvani philosophy is guided by the principles of nurture, total well-being, relaxation and healthy indulgence, which are reflected in the superlative quality of the treatments on offer, the exotic beauty of the spa and outstanding levels of service provided by expert therapists.

At Ushvani, you will experience the perfect blend of spa indulgence, restorative therapies and supreme service at every level. With its abundance of unique touches – from contemporary mandi baths to the specially commissioned Malaysian artworks throughout the spa and the delicate aroma of ginger, nutmeg and pandan leaves which greets you on arrival – Ushvani creates a unique environment in which to luxuriate and revitalise your energies. Spa treatments are available for both male and female guests, with the spa pool and steam facilities of the lower ground floor being reserved for ladies only.

The Style

On arriving at Ushvani I am met at the giant oak doors and ushered inside. There is an immediate sense of escaping from the hustle and bustle of the outside world as I enter into a cavernous reception, all dark wood and low lighting, with a view all the way up through the winding staircases to the top of the building some 3 floors above us (home to a bespoke yoga studio). I’m offered a hot towel to refresh myself and then shown down to the spa facilities (which are available to ladies only before) my treatment.

The whole space is beautifully and richly decorated: wood carved statues sit watchfully in the nooks and crannies of the stairs and bowls of herbs adorn several surfaces infusing the air with just the right amount of subtle fragrance. In the changing area, I’m directed to a locker where I find a warm and cosy towelling robe in the Ushvani colours of deep brown and burnt orange and facilities and products to remove my make-up etc.

The Process

I start things off with a soak in the hydrotherapy pool. It’s a pleasant temperature and I quickly drift into a state of mental relaxation thanks to the sound of the trickling water feature gracing one wall. I especially enjoy that there is no generic spa music playing, which gives the place a feeling of hushed peace and quiet. Bliss.

Unfortunately, only one of the hydro jets seems to be working at any one time, so it’s more of a warm bath experience than true hydrotherapy, but it’s pleasant enough. Next, I pop into the steam room which is adequately steamy and hot and does the job of beginning to unravel tension from my chronically sore neck and shoulders. I’m the only person in the pool and steam room which is a treat.

After my steam, I pop into the Relaxation Room, a cosy space decked out with comfy chairs, for a drink of cranberry juice and a handful of the dried fruits and nuts that are elegantly laid out in a beautiful wooden platter.

From there I’m met by my therapist and escorted to a warm and welcoming treatment room, with soft music playing (the non-annoying kind). My therapist starts by introducing me to the products she’s going to be using on me (there’s a eucalyptus-y balm for the tightest spots and a luxurious unscented oil for the general massage) before asking about my main areas of concern and preferences. Once the massage has begun, my memory becomes pretty blurry as I drift in and out of profound, blissful relaxation. My therapist applies the perfect pressure, speaks in the softest tones, and eases the tightness from my muscles with dexterity and ease. At certain points, she pauses, instructs me to breathe in, and as I exhale applies expert pressure to ‘trigger release points’ that leave my neck, shoulders and upper back feeling free-er than they have in a long time.

An hour passes too quickly, and I drowsily come back to earth and reluctantly leave the dream world I’ve been floating in for the last 60 mins. After I’ve showered and changed, I’m offered reviving hibiscus tea in a room upstairs which is a lovely grounding finishing touch.

The Verdict

All in all, I enjoyed my visit to Ushvani. It was a peaceful and nourishing way to spend the afternoon. The spa facilities were perfectly decent and the massage was exceptional.

Ushvani,  Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea, London SW3 2RJ; 020 7730 2888; www.ushvani.com

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