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Our Expert Answers with Emma Coleman – Dermatology and Aesthetic RGN

When it comes to the world of skin and the care of it, I think we would all agree that there are many myths and smokey mirrors to overcome, making it tricky to know what is the best approach. Here are some questions I am commonly asked by clients:

Do collagen supplements actually work?

Collagen supplements are usually made from hydrolysed collagen, sourced from fish scales, cartilage and bones and designed to stimulate our skin’s fibroblast cells to produce fresh hyaluronic acid and keratin. Trials have shown that collagen supplements made from fish extracts are most effective at concentrations of 48–97 μg/ML and are effectively absorbed, remaining in the blood for several days. One study found that taking an oral drink combining collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins led to reduced wrinkle depth, increased hydration and elasticity of the skin and also had a positive effect on joint pain and mobility. Do your homework on ingredients before investing.

The best anti-ageing facial you can have?

There are 3 main signs of ageing: Loss of elasticity, wrinkle formation and skin pigmentation, and we tend to inherit how we age. Acid-based peels, laser resurfacing, led light therapy and micro-needling have strong data behind them to support long-lasting results in reversing and protecting from these types of visible skin ageing. It is best to visit your practitioner for an initial skin consultation and analysis to decide on the best route for you.

Is mineral makeup better for my skin?

The short answer is yes! True mineral makeup brands contain none of the preservative chemicals, pomades and heavy scents of traditional makeups, making them a kinder option for all skin types, and mineral foundations usually contain natural sun protection extracts too. There are some really good reasonably priced niche brands, who will happily send out sample sizes for a minimal cost. Always check ingredients lists before you buy though – a brand can be labelled as ‘mineral’ even if it contains a very low percentage of mineral extracts.

Emma Coleman is an Aesthetics and Dermatology RGN with award-winning clinics across London and Kent. She frequently speaks and writes about her passion: taking a holistic approach to skin health and has her own skincare line. www.emmacolemanskin.com; @emmacolemanskin

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