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u and your skin facial

U and Your Skin Facial

The blurb

Have you been eating too many simple carbohydrates, not sleeping well, drinking too much vino tinto or working a highly stressed job? Well, according to Louise Thomas-Minns, founder of U and Your Skin, these could all contribute to issues with your skin. A little obvious, you cry? Well, yes, but true nonetheless.

Louise offers consultations out of Anamaya, an innovative space used for various holistic practices. It is situated at 1 Adam and Eve Mews, which is surprisingly quiet considering it’s directly off the busy High Street Kensington. I had no idea what to expect from the treatment—maybe I should have completed the form emailed to me prior to the consultation! I am notoriously bad at filling out forms…

The process

This is a facial with a holistic approach. The consultation starts with a thorough exploration of your diet, stress levels, medical history, sleep patterns, skin background and what you are looking for out of the treatment. Louise has a very gentle, kind and open demeanour and she is particularly empathetic because she has suffered in the past with problematic skin. I got the impression that she genuinely wants to help, as well as deliver a treatment that will pamper the client. After the facial we sat in the relaxation pod for some water, a de-brief and a plan of action for aftercare.

Louise mixes traditional facial practice with new, bespoke techniques. Ultrasonic technology was used to help lift and tone, deep tissue kneading methods revitalised and the ‘wake up’ massage was a mini workout for my aging face. I loved the products she used, which included active ingredients such as coffee berry enzymes, pumpkin and papaya, leaving my skin feeling more alive than ever.

You are sent away with a skin health prescription and an understanding of what to expect with the aftercare. There is communication between treatments and you are invited to contact Louise with any questions free of charge. For someone with clear skin it is recommended to return for follow-up treatments every four to five weeks. If you have problematic skin, then weekly or fortnightly appointments would be recommended. The range of products used is available to purchase and I was glad to hear that Louise is working towards her own skincare range.

The result

The treatment may appeal less to people who are limited by time or have good skin and stay pretty healthy already, but everyone could benefit from its long-term effects. Some clients also may not feel comfortable answering so many personal questions about their medical history; I know I wasn’t and may have lied a little (sorry Louise!).

This is a thorough session and you feel that you are getting your money’s worth. If you have time on your hands, enjoy a counselling-like consultation, or if you have skin that is in need of TLC a bespoke, individually tailored facial treatment is for you. Louise has a great gift of making you feel special and cared-for.

The details

Signature facial with Louise—£80
With other therapists—£60

U and Your Skin, 1 Adam & Eve Mews, Kensington, W8; 01603 633 633; www.uandyourskin.co.uk

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