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Spell foot treatment

The Spell at Lush

The Blurb:

Not many massages claim to help you move forward in your life, but Lush’s new foot treatment promises to have you skipping down King’s Road without a worry in the world. The enchanting treatment combines reflexology, relaxing music and a touch of magic to reduce tension in the feet, legs and shoulders, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Like many people, the pungent scent that hits you as you walk past Lush used to deter me from entering. However, I must confess I am a recent convert to the brand. Their eco friendly values and dedication to handmade cosmetics has won me over and I can often be found slathered in one of their unattractive but good-enough-to-eat fruity facemasks.

The Process:

After an initial consultation about my general health and wellbeing, we took a journey round the shop floor where I was informed about all of the products we would be using before venturing into the store’s secret underground spa. Decorated like a quaint country cottage, it oozes a welcoming charm.

As we sat round the cosy, rustic kitchen table I was asked to think of a worry that I wanted to banish and put it in a copper teapot. The pot looked a little small for a man to fit in so I wrote down my stresses and strains on a scrap of paper and handed them to my therapist who immediately disposed of them in a dramatic flash of flames. OK, I am not going to lie, I found that bit a little cringey. However, the rest of the hour was total bliss.

I then ventured in to one of their treatment rooms where my feet were soaked and scrubbed until they were soft and warm. I then laid on the cosy bed enveloped in warm blankets listening to the soothing and unusual folk music complete with sounds of the sea.

My therapist then gently padded my shoulders before placing comforting hot stones around my body. My feet were covered in a moisturising foot mask. While it got to work, my therapist massaged my temples with a special relaxing balm which released soothing scents of chamomile and lavender. This was followed by a blissful head and shoulder massage which left me drifting in and out of a relaxing dream-like state.

My body was then gently contorted into a number of gentle stretching positions before my reinvigorated feet were dusted with a sublimely smooth coconut deodorising foot powder and massaged. I was then left to rest before facing the hustle and bustle of King’s Road.

The Result:

OK, I must admit that the actual ‘spell’ element to the treatment was a little farfetched for me. However, the treatment itself was totally heavenly. Yes my feet were perfectly soft, but the real effect was on my mind and body. My brain had slowed down from its usual 100mph madness and had left me ready to float home, light candles and indulge in a relaxing night of nothing. If you are stressed or anxious, this is the perfect treatment for you – it’s lush.

The Spell foot treatment is £50 for one hour.

Lush Shop and Spa, 123 King’s Road, London, SW3; www.lush.co.uk; 020 7376 8348

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