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Green Coffee Body Sculpting Massage at The Organic Pharmacy

The Blurb:

This treatment uses massage techniques designed to reduce bloating and stimulate the flow of lymph circulation while incorporating the natural fat-burning properties of coffee and heat-stimulating chilli.

There is a lot of talk about your lymph glands throughout the massage and if you’re not entirely sure what lymph glands are (as I wasn’t) they are small meatball-like organs that support the immune system and are found all over the body, particularly in the stomach. They act as traps for foreign particles and over many months of colds and throat infections they clog up – this massage unblocks them.

The Process:

I was greeted by attentive therapist Genet – attentive to the point of being asked what temperature I would like my drinking water.

The treatment kicks off with a light sweep with a bristle brush to wake you and your skin up (I felt slightly like a pony being given a good brush).

The first massage uses chilli body oil, which heats the body. It also stimulates blood flow, which brings oxygen to the surface of the skin and reducing puffiness. Genet pummelled and kneaded me after drizzling me with the oil.

After the oil rub, I was then treated to comforting hot towels being placed over me, adding to the chilli heat effect.

The second massage uses the body sculpting gel, which incorporates lipolytic agents (which break down fat), and toning ingredients. It also cools the skin, which is good for the lymphatic system.

This is not a relaxing, dreamy massage. It is an energetic deep tissue massage; not unpleasant but definitely not calming. I left feeling very fresh and awake – perfect for a Monday morning lift. I also had a lovely chat with my therapist throughout – I didn’t feel as if I had to be silent; I could just de-stress with a good natter.

The Result:

My skin was unquestionably firmer after the treatment. I expect the treatment is great for post-natal tums, firming skin after rapid weight loss and aging skin but as a 20-something-year-old I didn’t notice an amazing difference apart from less wobbliness around the thigh area. I would definitely recommend this massage for its invigorating qualities and lymph-gland-unclogging properties, as I did feel much more energised afterwards.

Green Coffee Body Sculpting Massage; £60 for one hour (book five treatments to receive the sixth free).

The Organic Pharmacy, 169 Kensington High Street, London, W8; www.theorganicpharmacy.com; 020 7376 9200

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