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The Garret Clinic

The blurb

Perhaps the days of obvious lifts, overplumped lips, frozen foreheads and chipmunk cheeks are numbered… Medical aesthetic practitioner, Lee Garrett, is seeing more clients come at a younger age to have small regular tweakments. ‘It’s becoming more like maintenance work rather than a full service,’ he says. ‘It means that people can be even more discreet about what they have had done because tweakments should never be obvious to anyone but the person undergoing them.’ His clients include celebrities and royalty from around the world.

Based in Harley Street since 2003, Lee headed up the SKIN division of Freedomhealth before launching his own clinic. Among his many credentials, he is a UK moderator for Sciton Laser Technology; a UK Ambassador for Ultherapy; and trainer and advisor for Allergan, the makers of Juvéderm and Botox TM.

The process

During the consultation stage, The Garrett Clinic offers a holistic approach, taking new clients through a medical questionnaire and taking digital imaging to advise on which treatment is best for your skin and lifestyle. A computerised skin analysis and patch tests are also carried out depending on the type of treatment. Clients are made fully aware of each stage of the treatment, recovery and follow-up period.

I arrived thinking that I needed a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler under my eyes, which I’d had 18 months previously at a different clinic. HA occurs naturally in the skin and is known as ‘nature’s moisuriser’ because it latches on to large numbers of water molecules, making the skin hydrated and plump out.

However, Lee quickly directed me to my upper cheek/lower eyelid junction to show that I didn’t need any undereye treatment. In fact, any filler in that area could create eye bags. Instead, he recommended the Juvéderm range of HA filler on the high point of my cheekbones. Feeling assured by his confident approach and sense of aesthetic, the actual treatment was super speedy. Lee let me know that my treatment will last 18 months.

​The results

I loved my more defined cheekbones but to anyone else I just looked well (or had found a new miracle highlighter).

The details

Initial cosmetic consultation (in clinic) £110; Juvéderm Vycross from £400.

The Garrett Clinic, 60 Harley Street, London W1G 7HA; www.thegarrettclinic.com; www.facebook.com/thegarrettclinic; 020 3355 4399

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