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'Checking into Lockonego’s hair hospital has done wonders for my hair'


The blurb

With a loyal clientele of pop stars, TV personalities and Chelsea It girls, Lockonego has made a name for itself as a go-to salon for the chic and famous. Its stylists regularly work backstage at Paris and London Fashion Weeks and on cover shoots for Vogue, Elle and Glamour.

In addition to creating trendsetting looks (remember Victoria Beckham’s ‘pob’?), the team also runs a ‘hair hospital’ with specialist treatments for damaged locks in need of emergency care.

The process

Summer is over and sun, sea and styling have taken their toll on my hair. It’s time for a trim and some TLC, so I make an appointment with Raymond Bryson at Lockonego. Initially I was tempted to try the much-hyped Olaplex treatment, described as a magic cure for even the most abused barnet, but during the consultation Raymond explains that it is better suited to colour-treated hair. Instead he prescribes a three-step Oribe treatment that he promises will combat the dryness caused by salt water, chlorine and UV rays.

First, my hair is washed with a shampoo containing gold particles, which help restore shine. Then a conditioning masque that combines oil extracts from cypress, argan and maracuja is applied and left on for 20 minutes under a gentle heat. The final step is a little leave-in detangler.

I feel very pampered and Raymond, who is the definition of Irish wit and charm, has me in stitches as we discuss everything from London life to Brazilian beauty treatments. As agreed, he only takes an inch and a half off the length, and then blow-dries it into a soft, wavy style that’s the perfect look for Sunday brunch in Chelsea.

​The results

Checking into Lockonego’s hair hospital has done wonders for my hair, which is back to its pre-holiday healthy self: nourished, silky and smooth.

The details

Cut & blow dry with a stylist, £70
Oribe Super Lust Hydration Surge treatment, £25

Lockonego, 394 King’s Road, London, SW10; 020 7795 1798; lockonego.com

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